There were plenty of good spirits, not evil ones, in the village, this Halloween!
Over the wet and windy weekend, villagers’ good nature was in much evidence, making sure that the children didn’t miss out on some trick or treating fun, and the all-important collection of sweets!
The Halloween cookies in the telephone box were enjoyed by a wide range of ages, from toddlers to great grandparents. Over 60 decorated biscuits were collected, and messages of appreciation worked their way back to Monica and Caroline, from families who had enjoyed having a reason to get outside, whatever the weather.
Then the St. Hilary Community WhatsApp group burst into action with offerings of sweets for the children of St. Hilary. Pumpkins and buckets of sweets were put out to make a lovely trail around the village, all spontaneous offerings and all trying to make Halloween 2020 Covid safe but still fun.

Thanks to Monica and Caroline for making the Halloween cookies and to everybody who support events in the village.

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HalloweenMarilyn   IMG 20201030 WA0018
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IMG 20201031 WA0000   HalloweenPhoneBox