In March 2021 we received a Facebook message from Michael Stroud in Australia telling us about his mother who lived in St Hilary. He said:

“A beautiful place St Hilary. My mam was born there and lived in the Wendy cottage and was also married in the church. She used to love walking around telling us stories of when she was there. She also worked in the Grange, all a long time ago. she was Cecilia Hopkin when she lived there."

Ciss Hopkin and dog Trigger

Michael’s wife Suzanne sent some photos:

“My name is Suzanne and I am Michael Stroud’s wife. Mike has been telling me about your work in and about St. Hilary, and as I have some photographs that Ciss, my mother in law, sent to us he has asked me to scan them for you. Of particular interest I think, is the photo of Ciss in the window of Wendy Cottage aged around 10. She was very happy when she and her family lived there and she has only very fond memories of her time in St Hilary. 

Cecilia Hopkin Wendy Cottage St Hilary Vale of Glamorgan Aged 10

She consequently was married there (by Vicar L.S. Crockett). As you can see from her marriage certificate her father Evan Hopkin was living in 3 Hall Cottage at the time, and I understand there is also some connection there. Mike's mother's good friend Sylvia, also lived in Church Crescent.”

Cecilia Hopkin Wedding. St Hilary Church Vale of Glamorgan 16 April 1946

Evan and Emily Hopin Wendy Cottage St Hilary Vale of Glamorgan

Marriage Certificate Cecilia Hopkin St Hilary Vale of Glamorgan