Families and friends enjoyed a marvellous Bake Off and Family Fun Day on Saturday, 14 July 2018.

Children were kept entertained by a pirate icing competition and a fantastic range of games and races. There were also pony rides courtesy of Misty (and Simon Lait). For the peckish, there were mountains of homemade cakes served up with teas and coffees, along with ice cream.

The Bake Off produced some very deserving winners with the young adults making a spectacular selection of cakes.

We have a budding master baker in the village - Josh Evans (with help from brother Riley) not only won the young adult category, he scooped the Star Baker and People's Choice awards.

Other category winners were Mary Thomas, Richard Calcaterra, Liz Loch and Caroline Neudegg. And Phil Thomas gave a great sigh of relief at not winning because he can enter as a novice again. The word on the street is that he has taken his cake home and put it in the freezer for next time! 
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St Hilary Bake Off and Fun Day 2018