If you have a landline, you will be migrating to a digital service sooner or later – some in the village already have. This means that you will plug your phone into your broadband router instead of your phone socket on the wall. BT call this Digital Voice.

The concept is simple – just replace the router, if you have been sent one, and plug the phone line into it on the day that your service provider tells you that the service is being migrated.  Providers promise to help you through the process every step of the way, so you should get lots of notification about it.

However, we have recently provided help to a villager which suggests it might not be that straightforward. The villager’s phone had stopped working and the villager said that they did not recall getting any information about the migration date but had received a new router out of the blue.

Most migrations will be easy. But if you are technologically differently abled, have a problem, or know a villager who would like help contact Terry Dennis or Chris Jones and we will do what we can.

PS it is not in the BT instructions, but when the landline is migrated to digital, the area code needs to be added for local calls, like mobiles.