The document states that the St Hilary Estate of 575 acres, which included farms, residential properties, licensed premises, cottages, small holdings and accommodation land would be offered for sale by auction on Thursday 13 November 1913

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St Hilary Estate Auction Details
From Messrs Stephenson & Alexander

General remarks about the village in the sale document

The St Hilary estate is one of the most compact and charming little estates in the County of Glamorgan, is freehold, extending over an area of 575 acres, within a ring fence.

It is situated on high ground, on a sunny southern slope, well wooded with beautiful views extending to the sea, which is plainly visible, and includes well farmed compact attractive holdings and sound homesteads and good tenants, picturesque thatched cottages, the village inn and the old commodious Manor House with ample accommodation, with the Manorial and grazing rights, the whole lying in and surrounding the quaint old world village of St Hilary, with all its quiet picturesque and historical associations, in the centre of the fertile Vale of Glamorgan, enjoying all the beauty of rural surroundings and yet possessing considerable frontage to the main Turnpike road, which in the old coaching days connected Milford with London and which today is still the main road to the west.

All the tenants are old respected tenants who have farmed their holdings for many years; the land is of a uniform excellent quality, the homesteads are sound and in good repair and the buildings up to date and ample, and the whole estate, while having the advantage of not being too large, possess al the attractions which a property of the description possesses, within easy reach of all the business centres of South Wales; added to which the Manor House is a most attractive residence where the owner may reside in the centre of his domain.

The distances to the various cities and towns are approximately as follows:
• London 3 ½ hours
• Cardiff 10 miles
• Swansea 40 miles
• Cowbridge 1 mile
• Llantrisant – the nearest station on the main Paddington to Fishguard GW line – 5 miles
• Bridgend 8 miles

The church and post office are in the centre of the village of St Hilary, and the town of Cowbridge is a good market town with railway facilities, good churches and schools, postal, telegraph and telephone offices.

Hunting with the Glamorgan and Pentyrch hound, useful partridge and good covert shooting on the property, fishing in the locality and the well known fist class golf links at Porthcawl (13 miles) and Southerndown (8 miles). Good cricket and tennis at Cowbridge and good society in the district. The sea is within easy reach, many most attractive spots being within half an hour's run by car.

The growing timber and underwood upon the various lots, and the minerals underlying them, are included in the sale, with the exception of the timber on lots 2, 3 and 4, which has been valued by the auctioneers, and will have to be paid for at such valuation by the respective purchasers in addition to the purchase money.

The particulars of the commuted tithe and the value for 1913 are given in the particulars of the respective lots. The tithe is paid by the landlord; but the contributions amounting to about £40 per annum are made by the various tenants to the landlord towards the tithes made by him.

The plans and areas are taken from the ordnance survey with the consent and approval of the Controller of HM Stationery Office; they are believed to be correct, but the vendor does not guarantee their accuracy and the purchaser shall not be entitled to any reduction in his purchase money on account of any error in such plans or areas.

The Bush Inn was included in the sale

It was descibed as a Valuable Double Licensed Village Inn and Premises together with a garden at the rear, now in the occupation of Messrs Wm Hancock & Co. upon lease of 21 years from 2 February 1898 at a rental of £35 per annum

It contains parlour, tap room, sitting room and grate. Back kitchen, cellar and pantry. Old brew house fitted with baking oven and boiler. Four good bedrooms. Back yard with wash house and boiler, urinal and WC

The building comprise of stable with loft over, loose box, yard with separate entrance, coach house, fowl house and chaff house. Two old WCs at the end of the garden are also included in the sale of this lot. The wooden loose box and the water cistern are the property of the tenant

The tenants also rent, at a nominal rent of 1s per annum the old cottage and garden adjoining the former, now being used as a loose box

There was also information about the Manor House, which is now a Nursing Home.

It was described as a picturesque freehold country residence with buildings, charming gardens and pasture land. Beautifully timbered.

At that time it was in the occupation of Gen, C.H.R Nicholl, upon an annual 1 July tenancy, at an apportioned rental of £90 18s 0p per annum.

The residence, which is a most attractive old Manor House, approached by a short carriage drive, contains the following accommodation: porch, outer hall, inner hall, dining room, pretty drawing room, study, breakfast room, pleasant smoke room. Back hall and glass roofed vestibule, communicating with the kitchen and offices which comprise of – good kitchen with range and concrete floor, back kitchen and earthenware sink, housemaid's pantry, butler's pantry with fitted cupboards, larder, two store rooms and WC.

The first floor, which is approached by a pretty front staircase is a most attractive two tier landing and also by a servant's staircase contains one particularly large bedroom and dressing room over the dining room and six other beautifully bright and airy bedrooms with two dressing rooms and WC.

On the second floor – three good bedrooms, two large store rooms, box room and tank room

Eastdown Farm was described as a valuable freehold mixed farm with the excellent farmhouse and buildings; part in the occupation of Mr David Davies, part in the occupation of Mr James Lane and part in the occupation of Mr T.M Frankelen and others, upon annual 2 February tenancies, at an apportioned rent of £144 per annum

The farm buildings comprise of three stall stable and harness room, cow shed to tie four and calf shed, loose box, open shed, cow shed to tie seven with feeding walk, new cow shed and cart shed with double gates. Corrugated iron coal house and fowl house, all surrounding a good stock yard.

The farm house, which is surrounded by a good kitchen garden contains a good kitchen, with open grate and cemented floor, two parlours, back kitchen with good grate and stone floor, dairy with slate slabs, washhouse with baking oven and boiler. Four good bedrooms, WC and cheese room.

Adjoining the farmhouse and under the same roof is an excellent cottage and garden, the cottage containing a kitchen with good stone floor; two pantries and three bedrooms, also in the occupation of Mr David Davies, the tenant of the farm.

Also included in this sale were the grazing rights over St Hilary Down

The holding is well farmed and in good heart and is situate within a ring fence. It has a very considerable frontage to the Turnpike road from Cowbridge to Cardiff in addition to an extensive frontage to the road leading to the village of St Hilary

Village Farm was described as a valuable freehold farm with the farm house and buildings. It was part in the occupation of Mr Wm Thomas, part the two Misses Howells, part Mr Joseph Staien, upon annual 2 February tenancies, and part Mr T.M Frankelen, upon an annual 1 May tenancy, at rentals amounting to the aggregate to £223 per annum.

At the back of the house, comprise four stall stable with large granary and hay loft over, good barn, box and cart shed, two stall stable, cow shed to tie 12 with feeding walk. Turnip house, two old pig's cots, rick yard with pump and cistern.

At the end of the kitchen garden – cow shed to tie 8, two pig's cots, four good loose boxes two ditto ( one large, one small), calf shed and two fowl houses and WC in garden.

The farmhouse which is an exceptionally good one with slate roof contains two large parlours, kitchen with tiled floor. Good oven, grate and bake oven; back kitchen with three fitted boilers; coal house, pantry and cellars, good cool dairy with stone slabs, four good bedrooms, two attics and cheese room.

The Coed Hills Farm entry states that it is a freehold pasture farm with farm house and buildings, part in the occupation of Mr James Lane, part in the occupation of Mr Wm Thomas, upon annual 2 February tenancies, and part in hand, at an apportioned rental of £140 per annum.

The farm buildings comprise of a stock yard surrounded by large barn, two stall stable with loft over, loose box, cow shed to tie ten with feeding walk, calf shed, turnip shed and extra cow shed to tie three; two pig's cots and open shed in field adjoining; cart shed with granary over; wooden fowl house and rick yard.

The farmhouse which has an orchard and kitchen contains back kitchen with grate, bake oven and boiler, large kitchen, parlour, dairy with stone slabs and churning room adjoining. Outside – boiler house with boiler and four bedrooms.

Included in the sale of this property were the grazing rights over St Hilary Down.

Summary of Properties included the St Hilary Estate in November 1913

1 Eastdown Farm Mr David Davies / Mr James Lane / Mr T.M Franklin &others
2 Coed Hills Farm Mr James Lane / Mr William Thomas
3 The Village Farm Mr William Thomas / The Misses Howells / Mr Joseph Staien / Mr T.M Franklen
4 Freehold Holding &c Misses D&M Howells / General C.R.H Nichol
5 The Manor House – St Hilary Down &c. Gen C.R.H Nicholl
6 Four Pasture Fields Mr William Thomas / The Misses Howells
7 The Cross Residence Mr T.M Frankelen
8 Bush Inn and Buildings Messrs Wm Hancock & Co
9 Freehold Cottage & Garden General C.R.H Nicholl
10 Freehold Cottage & Garden Mr Watts
11 The Bothey Cottage Mr T.M Frankelen
12 Freehold Cottage & Garden Mr Went
13 Freehold Cottage & Garden – two pieces of land Mr T.M Frankelen
14 The Reading Room
15 Two Cottages & Gardens Mr Morgan Thomas
16 Freehold Cottage & Garden Mrs Mary Russell
17 Freehold Cottage & Garden The Misses Howells
18 Freehold Cottage & Garden Mr T.M Frankelen
19 Freehold Cottage & Garden Mr William Hopkins
20 Four Freehold Holdings Mr T.M Frankelen / Mr Morgan Thomas & others


In October 1961, the Radcliffe (Llantirthyd) Estate was sold by auction in the Park Hotel, Cardiff. This included properties in St Hilary (1).


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