19 November 2019
Present: Caroline, Charlie, Liz, Terry, Tim
Apologies: Helen

1 Newsletter (Liz)
- There are sufficient funds for 10/11 newsletters
- Liz to send Terry printing specification in order to explore using a local suppler

2 Telephone Box (Caroline)
- There has been lots of activity in 2019, which has been captured in the excellent photo album
- The potential for residents to use the box will be promoted next year (an example being the current men's mental health display)
- The light bulb needs replacing

3 Village History Board (Charlie)
- Charlie presented a paper which contained options about content, design, construction, costs, location, funding, planning
- Charlie had visited Creative Rural Communities to find out about grants
- Terry will send Charlie a funding bid template

4 Events (all)
- No specific Forum events are planned though Forum members are involved in activities associated with other events
- Liz explained that a comedy event is being considered for early 2020

5 Finance (Tim)
- £648 in the account with commitments of around £408, leaving net free funds of around £240

6 Constitution (Terry)
- Change to the frequency of reviews of activity from quarterly to regularly agreed
- Change from an annual meeting to an annual report agreed

7 Reserves (Terry)
- Establishment of restricted funds (commited and uncommitted), including an insurance reserve, agreed
- At the discretion of the Panel, fundraising activities that make use of the insurance cover will be asked to make a contribution to the insurance reserve
- The Panel will review the insurance reserve as and when needed
- Establishment of a telephone box reserve agreed (£60)
- The balance of uncommitted funds to be allocated to the insurance reserve (c£240)

8 Date of Next meeting:
- 4pm Tuesday 18 February 2020

4pm Tuesday 14 May 2019
Present: Caroline, Charlie, Liz, Terry, Tim
Apologies: Helen

1 Newsletter (Liz)
- A meeting will be held on 16 May with CRC to sign off the 2018 funding
- The future direction, format, frequency, distribution of the newsletter will be discussed in detail at the next Panel meeting

2 Telephone Box (Caroline)
- Future ideas incude a pop-up bakery, mental health, Rugby World Cup, holiday postcards

3 Village History Board (Charlie)
- Charlie to prepare a brief paper outlining options for, amongst other things, content, design, construction, costs, location, funding, planning
- VAT might be reclaimable if purchased through a statutory organisation

4 Events (all)
- Liz explained that another theatre event is being considered for early 2020
- No other events are planned which are solely Forum events, though Forum members are involved in other activities

5 Finance (Tim)
- £787 in the account with commitments of around £400, leaving net free funds of around £380
- Agreed to hire a brushcutter for another day, as only one of the two days previously agreed had been used

- Church meeting on 4 July to discuss fund raising noted
- CRC film festival (26 September to 6 October) grant application discussed - could be followed up if a lead emerges in the village

7 Date of Next meeting:
- 4pm Tuesday 19 November 2019

4pm Tuesday 8 January 2019
Present: Caroline, Charlie, Liz, Terry, Tim
Apologies: Helen
1 Forum Public Meeting: 27 January 2019 - 2:30-4pm (Terry)
- Format 15mins Terry /Caroline/Liz covering achievements and progress on activities in the village
   - Terry presentation & overview – road traffic requests to VoGCBC, 3Cs, Winter’s Eve, etc
   - Caroline & Liz telephone box, coffee mornings, produce market, newsletter and theatre event
- Terry 15 mins – collecting new idea for 2019/20
- Talk by Ranger Paul Whatmough – 2 aspects to the talk: The Clump; attracting wildlife into our gardens
- Liz & Caroline to oversee simple refreshments
There was a discussion about ways to engage families, and new members of the community, with the Forum AGM. It was decided to hold a ‘Children’s Garden and Wildlife Photo Showcase and Competition’ Terry to do flyer and to print any entries ready for display. Terry asked for Forum leads to support him in taking a flyer around to specific households with children. Attendees will be encouraged to think of a question to ask the Ranger.
2 Finance (Tim)
- Tim shared Forum accounts – £956 in the account but TIM and LIZ outlined commitments re the Newsletter print runs - current free funds are approximately £700 before annual insurance costs of c£130
- In-depth discussion on the short-term funding for the Village Newsletter concluded with the decision to financially support the newsletter throughout 2019 - part of the surplus from the Produce Market will be used to cover 7 further editions for 2019 (see the next agenda item for more about the newsletter)
- Liz outlined the financial commitment for the Forum in promoting the Night Out theatre event in the Village hall (31 January 2019) - maximum £50 (which if not covered by ticket sales, should be covered by bar sales) - Liz had provided a paper on the financial requirements etc. at the September Forum
- Forum agreed to fund the £21 licence for the bar - Tim to apply, on line, using the Forum bank card
- Charlie asked about the regulations for the audit trail to be checked by Caroline (Arts Council of Wales and Vale of Glamorgan- CRC are the underwriters of the event) [Caroline has checked and ticket stubs and unsold tickets need to be retained for 18 months for auditing purposes] - Caroline/Tim to manage the tickets
3 Newsletter (Liz)
- 9 editions will likely be produced in 2019 (2 will be funded from the existing Innovation Grant for CRC) at a cost of approx. £40 an issue
- A general discussion was held concerning the future of the Newsletter beyond the Innovation Grant. Charlie wondered if a printed copy of the Newsletter was needed for every household. Other points raised were: frequency of editions, black and white copies; advertising to cover costs etc. Liz/Caroline shared their views on the above and agreed it was good practice to carryout market research with villagers about the value, style, content etc. of the first year’s editions.
- Liz/Caroline fed back that they regularly received positive comments on the value of the Newsletter for keeping people informed about what was going on and how on occasions it had helped individuals get in Contact with members of the community when help was needed. Having both the very valuable and informative website and the village newsletter gives a choice of how to access information to villagers. TIM asked if LIZ wanted to carry on editing and coordinating the Newsletter in 2019 and Liz said she did. All Forum members recognised that Liz put in a lot of work and that the Newsletter was a high-quality product.
- Terry suggested the Newsletter highlighted the community funding of the newsletter and to now seek villagers’ views on its funding/ support, going forward (beyond end of 2019)
- Liz/Caroline to carry out a review of Newsletter funding for 2020 and format/content /frequency etc to report to the autumn Forum meeting
- Forum to think of a resident to ask to report on the Forum annual meeting for the next edition of the Newsletter
4 Telephone Box (CAROLINE)
All Forum leads expressed their delight in the creative, entertaining and meaningful uses that the telephone box had been put to in the last few months, since its repainting. The Remembrance commemoration theme and the Christmas interactive Elf Exchange have engaged a wide cross section of the village and further afield. Currently the telephone box is a receptacle for the Hygiene Bank and is again proving a worthwhile use for the kiosk. The Forum is keen to express its thanks to Monica (and Terry) for setting up, publicising and monitoring the recent activities. Thanks also go to Jane and Charles Williams for agreeing to supply electricity to the box, for the Christmas lights.
- Thank you cards distributed to Monica Dennis and The Williams’
- Caroline, with ideas, input and support from Monica, has developed a basic 12 month calendar for the space. The calendar can help with planning ahead but Caroline/Monica are keen for sporadic and instantaneous creative ideas to be given space too e.g. temporary art gallery, plant exchange – spring etc. Next theme, to be planned for February – Valentines
- Forum agreed to fund approximately £80 to replace two Perspex signs in the kiosk – to say St Hilari/St Hilary
- Liz to speak to Infographics or get contact for Caroline who will order and install the panels
5 Village History Board (Charlie)
- Charlie to establish the content/ location and cost for a board/s, similar to those in Llansannor for the next meeting with a view to installing in 2020
- Forum leads to look out for possible funding streams e.g. CRC, Cowbridge Charter Trust or similar funding bodies
- Charlie suggested speaking to the LCC to ascertain if there are any planning issues over siting of a board/s
6 Theatre event in the Village (Liz/Caroline)
- Finance, licence, tickets discussed under agenda item 2
- Caroline/Tim/Liz/Pete/Charlie to help set up the hall at 4pm on Thursday 31st
- Set up bar, float, ice creams/ sweets
- Remove tables to the church (Caroline to ask Marion/John)
- All to help clear up (return tables Friday am)
7 2019 Events (all)
- Village Summer Fete – Caroline /Liz explained an initial meeting had been held and that the organisers hoped to engage people across / representing many groups in the village and wider community e.g. the pub, Coed Hills, Forum etc. However it would continue to be made clear that any money raised would primarily be for Village Hall Funds.
- Caroline to keep forum informed, minutes from first meeting shared and to set a date for a planning meeting in February.
- Date set for Saturday 29th June
- Jabberfeast – Terry outline an idea for an indoor/outdoor event of a literary nature. Anyone could contribute by sharing a piece of writing – letters, book extracts, own or famous – which would be read from the pulpit in the church. After the sharing element of the day, there would be a village communal BBQ in the area around the church. Terry to think about a suitable slot in the year, develop ideas and share again. All leads were interested, happy to support the event and thought it an innovative idea.
- Winter’s Eve – Date for 2019 is to be Sunday 8 December
8 Bulbs (Charlie)
- These have been planted around the weeping willow and there are signs that they are beginning to emerge from the ground
- Terry suggested buying/hiring equipment for the 3Cs grounds maintenance and improvement tasks - after some investigations into costs the Forum Leads agreed to finance the hiring of a brush cutter for 2 days at £40 per day to carryout work on the Clump and wherever required
- Terry expressed his thanks to Liz and Pete for the continued generous loan of their chainsaw and equipment to the 3cs.
10 Date of Next meeting:
- Tuesday 14th May 2019 4pm