12 Days

From 1st to 12th December there will be a collection box in the telephone box for items to make up Christmas Hampers for local food banks

They will be shared between the Vale Food Bank and the Dusty Forge in Ely - both charities have connections with villagers

We are collecting the following items:
• Day 1 Christmas crackers
• Day 2 Chocolate selection boxes/money/tree decorations etc
• Day 3 Small Christmas cakes/puddings/mince pies/stollen etc
• Day 4 Fancy biscuits
• Day 5 Tins and jars ham/salmon/pate etc
• Day 6 Nuts and crisps
• Day 7 Jelly/angel delight/tinned fruit/custard
• Day 8 Tea/coffee/hot chocolate
• Day 9 Fizzy drinks/juices/cans
• Day 10 New bath and showers gels/shampoo/conditioner etc
• Day 11 Pot pourri/fragrances
• Day 12 New soft toys /small games