Coed Hills Community
and Wedding Venue is about one mile east of the centre of the village

From the centre of the village, take the road past the post box and phone box. After about 3/4 mile, ignore the turn to Coed Hills Farm on the right; the entrance to the Arts Space is about 100 yards further along on the right.

The whole site is run on alternative energy, from high-tech wind turbines and biomass underfloor heaters, to solar showers made out of scrap radiators. With its permaculture gardens, the place is an inspiration for the budding and more experienced eco-conscious. Accommodation includes railway carriages, Mongolian Yurts, log cabins, tipis and straw bailed buildings. 

At the heart of Coed Hills lies the core community. A group of people embracing the new and old in order to lead a more sustainable existence, both ecologically and socially. They aim to inspire visitors to 'think outside the box' when it comes to how they work and live. The community is happy to engage with visitors, sharing their knowledge of, and enthusiasm for sustainable living.


There is a green woodworking area and blacksmith, printing, mosaic, and textile workshops. It is not unusual to bump into artists, craftspeople or ecologists as you visit the main area.

A stone circle has been built based on the solar lunar calendar.