On 29 April 2011 there was a right royal bash!
These are the pictures - click here for the full story

rwo yurtbig   rwo roy

2011 villagers royal wedding

rwo band   rw tug9   rw face1
rw auct1     rw auct2     rw band1
rw bar1   rw bill   rw crowd1
rwv cake2a   rwv auct1a   rwv kari3a
rw crowd3    rw bar2   rw choir1 
rw stall1   rw crowd2   rw bar3
rw tug2   rw green1   rw tug4
rw bar4   rw hall1   rw family1
rw choir2   rw bbq1   rw tug3
rw yurt1   rwo band2   rw crowd4
rw tug7   rw face2   rwo faces1
rwo jeannie   rwo children   rwv kari2a
rwo couple       rwo girls 

royal wedding 2011 st hilary