Here is a selection of old photographs of St Hilary
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Fancy dress 1970s 1     Fancy dress 1970s 2
 Fancy dress 1970s

   Fancy dress 1970s
Joan Davies Rae Kitchen Les Jones   Eastdown Farm prior to sale
 Joan Davies, Rae Kitchen, Les Jones (Howard's father)    Eastdown Farm prior to sale and conversion

Graham Fred Elton Jones and Lansdowne owner with text2   Pupils Llanfair school harvest thanksgiving a
Fred Elton-Jones (Village Farm), Graham Kitchen (Old Post Office),
Martin Stone (Lansdowne): Fred was actually playing the piano c1980s

  Llanfair School Harvest Thanksgiving - date unknown
Old post office when Graham and Rae bought it   group photo children
The Old Post Office prior to purchase by Graham and Rae Kitchen 1972

  St Hilary Playgroup c1990
VillageFarmAerial   VillageFarmBack
Village Farm - aerial view

  Village farm - back
 Pat Graham and Rae Claire christening    1982 church flower festival1
Pat Steadman (Church Cottage) and Graham and Rae Kitchen
(Old Post Office) at Claire Dennis' christening (1988) 

  Church flower festival 1982
1977a   MilkingCows 
A photgraph from the 1970s
  Herding cows - year unknown
Bellringers meal Bush Inn circa 2000   Bellringer meal bush inn 2000
G Kitchen January 1963 002   Old Post office and corner cottage 1963 002
Graham Kitchen (Old Post Office) January 1963

  Old Post Office and Corner Cottage 1963

OldFarmRalphThomas   LucasFamily
Ralph Thomas at Old Farm

  The Lucas family (East Downs Farm)
RalphsFather   Untitled 2 002
Ralph Thomas' father and Russell and Phil's grandfather

  Graham Kitchen (Old Post Office)
Snow1963   BestKeptVillageTrophy 
     Best kept village winner 1990

 image018   silverjubilee2 
BBQ on No Man's Land 1989

  Queen's Silver Jubilee 1977
Jenny Hales pink Colin the jester   bellringerssthilary
St Hilary 900 1990

bellringers1952   manorhousefete
    Manor House fete

AdrianKitchenSunflowerCompetiton1980s   RoyPriceSunflower2004 
 Adrian Kitchen (The Old Post Office) - growing a sunflower 19080s   Roy Price (The Crescent) - growing a sunflower 2004

WestHouseLate70s   Maud and Ernie Jenkins 50th wed anniversary 
 West House - late 1970s   Maud and Ernie Jenkins - 1 Manor Cottage (c1990)