BerylJoan     3Cs     LitterPicking
Socially distanced chats

  Socially distanced 3Cs   Socially distanced heroes
VEday2   VEday6   VEday4
 Socially distanced VE Day

   Socially distanced!    VE Day Tree
StallingCafe   CreamTeas   Heroes1
 A socially distanced bacon bap

  Cream teas for two    More unsung heroes 
BushAlFresco2   BushAlFresco3   BushAlFresco4

The Bush reopened (15 July 2020)

TreeWishes1   TreeWishes3   TreeWishes2
The Easter Tree of Good Wishes
Howard lambing   Rob and Caroline   plants telephone box

  More socially distanced chats

  Free plants in the phone box
Walk1   Walk2   Walk3
Socially distanced views

  Socially distanced stiles

  Socially distanced lakes

ManorFlowers   NHSclap   SaveNHS
 Thanking the Manor House staff

  Clap for the NHS    Supporting the NHS 
Bluebells   WildGarlic   BeaupreTree
 New Beaupre Wood: bluebells    New Beaupre Wood: wild garlic

  New Beaupre Wood: social distanced clearance
Running   CN TN cycling   Andrew bird house
Socially distanced running 

  Socially distanced cycling   DIY bird houses
Manor house visors   NHStoiletriesPhoneBox   NHStoiletriesTable
Face masks for the Manor House    Toiletries for the NHS

   More toiletries for the NHS
SunflowerComp   SunflowerComp2   ZoomQuizzes
 Sunflower growing competition

   Sunflower growing competition   Zoom quizzes 
VEday5   VEday3   VEday1

  More VE Day social distancing

BBQ1   RemovalVanOldFarm   KevinPamReturningFurniture
Socially distanced BBQs   10 weeks after lockdown! 

  10 weeks and 1 day after lockdown!

BankHolidayQuiz   QuizWinners   What3Words
 Bank holiday quiz    Quiz winners!  
PondLiner1   Putting in a pond liner   PondLiner2

And this is how it all started!



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