After nearly a year, a few false dawns and numerous rumours the Bush reopened its doors on Wednesday, 5 August 2010 after the great fire.
It was great to see so many villagers and regulars there.
Andy and Liz (and the staff and their families and friends) quickly re-established the Bush as a special place.

Click here to see the photos of the fire and the rebuiding work
Here's the link to the History of The Bush and this is the link to The Bush's website

P1000295     P1000320    

 Terry & Monica Dennis (Ffynnon Wen)
Roger Lewis (Village Farm)

  Kath Brown (New Beaupre Farm)    Gill & John Harris (1 Llantrithyd  Road)
P1000331   P1000367   P1000314
 Sally & Emma (nee) Llewellyn (Old Beaupre)

      Bill Strong (Ochilltree) 
P1000311   P1000358   P1000326
 Carolyn Lyons (Glenview)

   Richard Calcaterra (The Nest)
Richard Calcaterra (Cowbridge)
  Monica Dennis (Ffynnon Wen)
Sian Morris (Manor Cottage)
P1000327   P1000328   P1000366
 Angela & Bill Strong (Ochilltree)
Bill Clay (Coed Hills Farm)

  Dermot Lyons (Glenview), John Lord
(Gardd y Geggin), Viv Blick (Cowbridge)

  Terry Dennis (Ffynnon Wen)
Colin Davies (Woodside) 
P1000332   P1000334   P1000337
 Steph Llewellyn (New Beaupre Farm)
Mary Llewellyn (Channel View)

  Heather Morrison (5 Crescent), Elaine Robbins
(Myrtle Cottage), Angela Strong (Ochilltre)

  Rosemary & Simon Lait (Morawelon)
P1000363   P1000343   P1000362
P1000354   P1000341   P1000349
 Ellie & Scott Barber (New House)
Dave & Rose Glover (The Meadows)
Shelia Davies (Woodside)

   Keith Bellamy (White Lodge)
John Davies (Gigman Bridge)
Steve Kavanagh & Viv Blick (Cowbridge)
  Beryl Price (6 The Crescent)
Mary Thomas (2 The Crescent)
Joan Davies (7 The Crescent)  
P1000323   P1000313   P1000298
 Robert Calcaterra (Cowbridge)    David Ravey (Lansdowne)   Rosemary Lait (Moralwelon)
Chris & Roger Lewis (Village Farm)
P1000301     P1000342     P1000303
 Jane Williams (The Stables)   Lindsay Llewellyn (Channel View)    Glynne Clay (Pinklands) 
P1000302 Copy2     P1000339
 Jonny Gilbart (Kninkin)
Peter Lowe (The Grange)
  Anita Orford
(Coach House - New Beaupre)