Hi, my name is Lucy Griffin and I lived  with my family at New Beaupre House from 1954 until 1967. I am trying to find my childhood friends who lived at Erw Vain house just outside the village. There were 4 daughters Wanda, Juliet, Michelle and Carey, believed to have moved to Buckinghamshire.  They always had lots of animals. I would love to hear from them or anyone else that knew me. I still hold St Hilary in my heart and visit when am in Wales, hoping to find some old friends.

Hi Lucy. I remember you and your family. I used to go to school with your brothers John and Michael. I remember your Mum and Dad they used to breed Boxer dogs. Also you had a sister Pam. I also remember Wander and her family. I think we all remember our childhood growing up in St Hilary, such happy times. I moved back to the village in 2002 to look after my Mum. Then we left in 2009 and are now living in Lanzarote. Good to hear from you.

Caroline was Vaughan, now Arnold.

July 2016