Always up for a social event the villagers celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022 with activities and a village afternoon tea on the green outside the Crescent. The bunting was raised and everyone raised a glass (or two!) to the Queen. To mark the occasion there was an extra bank holiday on Thursday 2 June 2002 when a beacon was lit on The Clump.


PlatinumJubileePoster1   PlatinumJubileePoster2   PlatinumJubileePoster3
PlatinumJubileeBush1   PlatinumJubileeBeacon   PlatinumJubileeTugOfWar2
PlatinumJubilee2Marys   PlatJubileeChurch2   PlatinumJubileeCorgiTrail2
PlatinumJubileeBushBand   PlatinumJubileeCertificate   PlatinumJubileeCrafts
1Children   PlatJubileeChurch1   1Beacon 
 1Marquee    1Display   PlatinumJubileeBush2
 PlatinumJubileeGames1   PlatinumJubileeFancyDress2   1Flowers
 PlatinumJubileeGames2   PlatinumJubileeGames1    PlatinumJubileeFancyDress 
PlatinumJubileeChurch1   PlatinumJubileeBushSinger   PlatinumJubileeChurch3
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