Bill and Gill Clay hosted a Big Picnic on the lawn at Coed Hills on Wednesday 4 August 2021.  The first time the village had been able to come together during the pandemic.

It was a fantastic intergenerational occasion with entertainment, fun, swimming, games - and fantastic weather.

A massive thank you to Gill and Bill Clay for hosting and organising, and to Caroline Neudegg and her merry band of helpers for pulling it all together.

The Help Ayla Thrive donations raised £655 with other donations being given directly to

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And here's a message from Gill and Bill Clay:

Yes! Wasn't it JUST so FAB!!

Bill and I enjoyed it hugely.  We were so thrilled to see Bill's dream come so gloriously true thanks to Caroline's brilliance and her and her team's very hard work. How can we thank you all enough for the great success that you achieved?! Thank you all. You were BRILLIANT!

The Old Spice Barbershop and Nan and Beth gave marvellous performances which we all loved. And thanks also to the courageous performers and judges in Guess the Singer which was great fun! I'm sure Russ and his guitar will go far. Andy and John had made a splendid stage and Monica's bunting made an instant party feel. Terry and Neil managed the parking. Victoria sat patiently collecting tickets. Helen entertained the children with lots of fun things to do.

The children were polite and a delight to have with us. Rawley's barn and grounds were looking gracious and super and many thanks for the excellent facilities. Rob Lilford was incredibly generous with the beer, sharing the cost with Bill and many thanks to him and Rodrigo and to Timmo and his Baristers! The ice cream van man was a great draw.

Thank you also to those I haven't mentioned who added so much to the ambience of the day. And many, many thanks to our very supportive family who have worked hard to "cut, clean and clear" for the event! What would it have been without an audience?! Thank you, all 90 (!) of you for coming with your picnics and making the evening come alive with such joy!

Love to you all, Bill n Gill.