power cut phone calls

Here is some important information about making calls when there is power cut (there was one in St Hilary in January) which has kindly been provided by James Clarke of Sigingstone.

https://landlinesgo.digital/powercut has some handy guidance and information about what providers should be doing to allow you to make calls when there is a power cut. Some of the main points are as follows:
• A battery backup or UPS (uninterruptible power supply) device can offer a few hours to allow calls by continuing to power your router
• If possible have a mobile phone charged or a battery bank available to charge the mobile if the mains power goes out.
• Speak to your provider to see what they can offer. They are obliged to work with you to find an appropriate solution.
• If you have a medical condition and need require extra help your communication service provider should offer you a solution such as a battery backup/UPS for free. Your communication service provider may also have a priority repair register that you can sign up to so fixes to faults can be appropriately prioritised. Power companies, such as the National Grid, that covers St Hilary run a priority service register that will help provide extra support to those that need it during any future power cuts. Those that have care alarms will also need to make sure they are checked for compatibility and potentially upgraded by their care alarm provider.

This affects everyone in St Hilary that uses their landline phone as everyone will be switching to a digital (Internet based) landline phone service in due course. There is more information on how to prepare for the digital landline switchover at: https://landlinesgo.digital/