If Easter 2020 was about the Tree of Good Wishes generating a feeling of community spirit in the village at a difficult time, Easter 2021 was about intergenerational activity and lots of smiles and conversations as Easter eggs and cards were shared around the village.

Over the Easter period 46 Easter eggs were delivered to children living in the village – funded by the proceeds from the Foragers’ Market and Winter’s Eve.
Activity packs were offered to the children to make an Easter greeting card for a neighbour.

The response to the card making was amazing and 21 cards were hand-made and delivered to the more senior members of the village – here is a lovely quote from one young family: “Our kids are very happy to participate in activities that benefit the more senior members of the village, those who made the St Hilary what it was before we lived here.”

A recipient of a card emailed: “It was lovely to see and meet the children – I have seen them walking around the village but never really knew who they were until now.”

Another recipient said: “I was thrilled to receive the card. I was touched and it made me feel quite emotional.”

A massive thank you to all the children who took up the challenge to make and deliver an Easter card – it was a kind and thoughtful gesture that, as can be seen from the quotes, was very much appreciated by the recipients of your good wishes. And, what a great way to meet your neighbours! Thank you also to all the mums and dads too, who sent some lovely photos of the card deliveries. What stars you all are!