Today, St Hilary has a population of around 260 living in approximately 80 houses. There is a 12th century church, active village hall and historic pub. A cobweb of narrow lanes and roads link all parts of the village. St Hilary is two miles east of Cowbridge which is an attractive market town in the Vale of Glamorgan. [Editor note: will need to reset photo when gallery moved]

The village was designated a conservation area in October 1971 in recognition of the special architectural and historic interest of the village.

In March 2015 the Times reported that St Hilary was the best village to live in the UK, number 5 in the best places to live in the UK and the best place in Wales. (Click here to read a 2018 Daily Telegraph article about property in the Vale.)

In times past there was a thriving rural community that supported a school, post office and various trades. The resident population is now more diverse with a combination of farmers, young families with commuting parents, professional people and retired couples. In 2018 only four of St Hilary’s homeowners had been born in the parish – three of those had lived their whole life in St Hilary.

St Hilary is now an almost totally residential village, many of the former barns having been converted into residential accommodation. The Bush Inn is a popular local facility but residents have to travel to Cowbridge or further afield for shopping. Apart from the inn, the only other commercial property is The Manor, now used as a nursing home. A small village hall, the former village school, is located next to the churchyard.

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