Taken from the deeds of the house

Note: Ffynnon Wen is built on land formerly comprising part of the farm house, West House, which is next door


June 1869: William Williams of West Farm died and left property to his wife  Ann Williams

1884: Ann Williams died and the property was left to the daughter Ann Thomas who was married to John Thomas. John Thomas died in 1884

October 1910: Ann Thomas died and the owner became William Morris

October 1940: West Farm was bequeathed to the estate of William Morris to his sister Elen Thomas

December 1957: Elen Thomas died and it was bequeathed to Margaret Hybart

February 1970: Sale of a plot of land by Margaret Hybart to Thomas Davies of West House (£3,500)

March 1971: Purchase by Ralph and Mary Lewis

July 1971: Planning permission to build Darren Las and Ffynnon Wen

November 1972: Sale of Ffynnon Wen by Ralph and Mary Lewis to Geoff and Barbara Collins  (£8,500)*

April 1977: Bought by Phillip and Wendy (nee Mair) Dobson (£22,000) - click here for Phil Dobson's story

June 1979: Bought by Robert & Pat Somerville (£44,000)

January 1983: Bought by Andrew & Susan Savage

November 1983: Entrance porch and front extension

February 1985: Bought by Sue & David Evans for Manor House nursing home residents

May 1986: Sale to Frederick Fawcett (£72,000)

April 1988: Bought by Terry & Monica Dennis

June 1996: En suite built over kitchen

December 2005: Conservatory built

December 2014: BBQ lodge in garden

• Geoff and Barbara Collins moved to Iver, Slough. In the late 1990’s they purchased Corner Cottage, St Hilary (next door to the Old Post Office – Rae & Graham Kitchens House). Barbara (Geoff deceased) still owns the house and visits the village regularly

This is an extract from the sale particulars of West House from the late 1970s
Ffynnon Wen can be seen on the right hand side