Easter 2020 fell during the Covid 19 lockdown so most villagers were at home for Easter - normally, many would be away on holiday or visiting family and friends. So, as a way of marking the occasion villagers were encouraged to share an Easter message with fellow residents. The messages were hung on the weeping birch tree outside the back door of the village hall. There was a great response and there was considerable interest with locals visiting the tree throughout the day to read the many messages that were left.

All the messages that were put on the willow tree are below, and here's the link to the photo album which is on Facebook.

Happy Easter to St Hilary – hope everyone stays safe

Happy Easter St Hilary! We can all make a better place with our love put together in a lockdown. Wonderful world, beautiful people.
Love Judith & Andrew – Ochiltree

Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cos every little things going to be alright
Bob Marley

Thank you for posting this. My Grandad, Evan Frederick, planted the willow tree after the old oak tree (which we called “the round tree” for obvious reasons) was cut down overnight and caused uproar with the established residents. He was a gardener around St Hilary. My grandparents lived at 1 Church Crescent and are buried in the churchyard, as are my parents. It is lovely that you are using it as a symbol of hope.
Christine Frederick

Happy Easter to everyone and a huge thank you for all the kindness and help received during these uncertain times. There will be better things to come in a little while.
God bless and best wishes
Beryl Price

To St Hilary Villagers – A Happy Easter to all on this very special Sunday. Lets hope the Easter bunnies won’t be self isolating like many of us. Good Health and keep safe.
Mary Lewis

Let us say a million thanks to all the people of this wonderful village for looking out for all of us who need a little help in difficult times. How fortunate we all are to be lucky enough to live in this fantastic village. Happy Easter to all.
Dee & Terry @the lodge
Note: A heart was left by Dee to celebrate the birth of their first grandson – Billy


Happy Easter St Hilary. Thank you for being a fantastic community and a great place to grow up.
Ez and Maya – Fairview House

Happy Easter to all my friends in nursery at Llanfair Primary School. I miss playing with you. Lots of love to all of my teachers. Stay safe.
Love from Amber

Happy Easter to all my friends in reception at Llanfair Primary School. I miss you all so much. I also miss playing with my cousins and seeing my family. Stay safe.
Love from Maya

Pasg Hapus

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all
And sweetest in the gale is heard
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm
I’ve heard it in the chilliest land
And on the strangest sea
Yet-never-in extremity
It asked a crumb of me
[Emily Dickenson]

Pasg hapus Monica and Terry and people of St Hilary.
Sian Morris (formerly Manor Cottage)

Happy Easter to all our new neighbours. Thank you for all your kindness.
Pam and Kevin (The Old Farm)

Hi! Happy Easter. I would like to say that it’s such a good sunny Easter. We’re hoping for some rain. I’m going to study cats and calm things. I can’t wait until Easter. One of my favourite colours is yellow.
Love from Maia

To St Hilary – I hope you all have the best Easter ever. Thank you everybody who is still getting some activities going like the sunflower seeds.

I wish to see my friends

Easter is a fun thing. I love getting an Easter egg.
Love from Mostyn

To the whole of St Hilary – during such strange times it is wonderful to see how our amazing community rises to the challenge and pulls together to not let this virus beat us. What a special place this is. Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Easter. PASG HAPUS!
Best wishes Clare, James and Gethin (The Crescent)

Best wishes to all St Hilary residents and a special happy Easter and ‘thank you to our ‘helpers’ and Monica and Terry for all your good info.
Love Joan

Easter at home can still be made fun. Not seeing relatives and friends is not as bad as you think. You can video call which means that you can still see them. I hope this ends soon.
Alice de Wilde

To all our friends and neighbours who are helping to keep us going by shopping for our food and medication, who mowed the grass and trimmed the borders and given us support in many ways. It’s so lovely to have rediscovered old friends and neighbours and to have time to catch up on life. Stay happy and stay safe.
Rae and Graham

Wishing all our dear friends a happy, peaceful and safe Easter. Looking forward to partying when lockdown is over. Love and hugs.
The Pitmans

We’ll Meet Again
When this is finally over I am going to
invite the family to come back home
hug a friend
pray in church
shop for lots of non-essential things
drink a pint in a pub
eat in a restaurant
cheer a team from the touchline
ride on a busy train
queue for a bus
go for a long drive

Healthy Easter everyone. Thanks to all the people who have helped us oldies!
Mary Thomas

Happy Easter St Hilary. Stay home, Stay safe
Evelyn and Evie Pope

Happy Easter St Hilary. It’s a pleasure to be part of this wonderful community.
Esther, Charlie and Lottie

We are trying to find pleasure in all things. It reminds us to be thankful as much as we can be. Happy Easter to all who visit here and live in St Hilary.
Caroline & Tim

I hope they get a vaccine for Covid.

Happy Easter
The spirit of Easter is all about hope, love and joyful living.

Easter is about love, hope and happiness. May you and your families have plenty of each. Enjoy the sunshine. Monica - fabulous ideas.
Helen and Charles

The St Hilary community shows this spirit of Easter daily in its support of each other. How lucky we are! With love and thanks.
Carolyn and Dermot

I wish my grandma recovers from Covid – 19. I wish there was a cure for dementia.

Stay safe, Happy Easter.

Wishing everyone in our lovely St Hilary a Happy Easter, good health and sunny days, oh and chocolate – lots of chocolate!
Lynne and Keith

Happy Easter. We are very happy to be a part of this lovely community even though we are not residents. Stay safe.
Ewart, Nancy, Amelie and Jasper

How Fortunate
How fortunate are we
To be self isolating in St Hilary
Friends and neighbours rallying round
Offers of help and support abound
How fortunate are we
to reside in such glorious countryside
To see lambs leaping, feeding, sleeping
Birds sweeping, nesting, cheeping
How fortunate we are
To wander the paths that fill us with wonder
Trees in fond, wild flowers in bloom
Lift the spirits dispel the gloom
How fortunate are we
Happy Easter everyone

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Easter 2020!
Jayne, Neil and Lewis (Lansdowne)

Happy Alleluia Easter. Greetings to all St Hilarian’s but especially to all those amazing angels out there who are making the lives of those in lockdown so much more bearable. Your countless acts of generosity and kindness are so much appreciated.
Ewa and Gareth

Happy Easter. I am so sad I can’t go to the church on Easter or see you, but I hope you have the best Easter.
Love Nell

Thank you for all the activities and all of the things around St Hilary. Happy Easter everyone.

We will miss all our family this Easter and hope that we will be able to see them again soon. Happy Easter everyone. Keep safe!

Easter joy and blessings