On 17 January 1997 a committee was established to plan village millennium celebrations.

Members of the committee were

  • Mike Kemp (formerly Village Farm)
  • Jenny Lord (formerly Gardd y Gegin)
  • Jeannie Griffiths (formerly Little Hall Cottage)
  • Mary Llewellyn
  • Hilary Pollock
  • Guy Morton
  • Jill Williams
  • Caroline Neudegg
  • Carolyn Lyons
  • Fiona Curteis
  • Bill Clay
  • Lorraine Ravey (formerly Lansdowne)
  • Tony Ramsden (formerly New House)

At the meeting it was reported that there was £700 in the St Hilary 900 account and it was agreed that this money should be used to maintain the group. It was also reported that No Man’s land was the responsibility of the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Proposals put forward by the community for St Hilary 2000 included:

  • A new bell
  • A book about St Hilary
  • St Hilary signs for the road into the village
  • Village photograph
  • Brochure about St Hilary
  • Restoration of the wall by the kissing gate to the church
  • Maintenance of the lane up to the clump
  • Planting of trees in the village ( communal project)
  • Sculpture by Rawley Clay
  • Path from the A48 to the village
  • Refurbishment of the village hall
  • Painting of the kissing gates
  • Playground

Sub committees were formed for the first three proposals above:

  • the bell
  • the book
  • signage for the roads into the village

Events arranged that year included:

  • A safari supper – a very successful event
  • A cricket match – St Hilary against St Mary Church – it did not take place as planned because of Princess Diana’s funeral
  • A Western night with line – dancing – cancelled due to a lack of ticket sales and because of complications in obtaining a bar licence


A series of fundraising events were organised, which included a Safari supper, quiz night and a cricket match.

There was also a House of Commons trip on 25 November.

In March the Archbishop of Wales agreed to dedicate the new St Hilary Church bell.  The bell was cast at Taylors bell founders in Loughborough.  A few villagers and bell ringers visited the foundry. Maintenance work associated with the installation of the bell which was completed on 21 July and the Archbishop of Wales dedicated the bell on 20 March 1999.

The bell was inscribed with the following: to the glory of God, the St Hilary 2000 Community Jubilee Bell.



Fundraising continued with a quiz night on 14 May expertly led by Dermot and Carolyn Lyons. There were liquid refreshments and a hot snack available at half time and a Safari Supper was held on 27 August which raised £160.
On 31 December 1999 a dinner and disco run by Chris Dennis was held at the Bush Inn to celebrate the New Year. At midnight a band of bell ringers rang in the New Year. 

The Bush Inn was exclusively made available to villagers by Mark Hitchcock.

Villager Gill Harris commented: Mark Hitchcock allowed us to use pub and kitchen as though it was ours - Jane Kemp was involved on the committee, Mary and I - can’t remember who else - it was 18 years ago????   All I can remember was black tie, kids came down at midnight, we were all outside, I do remember Trevor Llewellyn having a good night, think we made beef wellington and salmon as alternative for main course. I do hope someone has photographic evidence as it was a momentous occasion, I think we rang the millennium bell at midnight.



From 1 to 4 June a Flower Festival was held in the Church - click here to see the photographs and newspaper articles