Last week a Nolan transport lorry became stuck in the village – and seriously damaged a villager’s car, parked on their drive.

If we are to influence the Vale of Glamorgan Council to take action (and it is a massive “if”), we have to keep the pressure on the council.
If you see an articulated lorry in the village (even if it is not stuck), take a photograph and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Neil Morre, Leader of the Vale Council
Neil Morre, the leader of the council emailed to say that he had forwarded details to the relevant officers and his Cabinet colleague, Councillor Peter King, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Transportation, with a request that they look into the issue.

Councillor Peter King, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport
It is extremely difficult to identify what more can be done to address your concerns, and given the existing signage provision, I therefore regret that at this time I do not consider that there is any additional warning signage that the Council could practically provide to assist further with your concerns.

Nolan Transport
The Chief Operating officer of John Raymond Transport emailed to say thank us for bringing the matter to his attention and that they will take action. They we will reiterate the importance of not following sat nave equipment into unsuitable roads. He sits on the Logistics UK Welsh Freight Council, and will raise the issue in the next quarterly meeting which will be in January.

Alun Cairns and Andrew RT Davies have not responded to date.