Notes from the Green St Hilary Meeting held on 25 April 2022 in the Village Hall.
Attending: Johnny, Vicky, Becci, Neil, Chris, Liz, Kevin, Rawley, Donal, John, Caroline.
Apologies: Owain

The meeting was an open agenda meeting. Discussion focused on technologies that people in St Hilary and the area were currently using or had tried. Villagers expounded on the pros and cons of each green technology they had knowledge of.

Each person said why they were attending the meeting and what they hoped the group might achieve. Some were attending in response to spiralling energy costs, whilst all expressed a desire to be more environmentally friendly in our approaches to generating energy.

Air source pumps, ground source borehole technology, and solar energy etc. were discussed in more detail.

Rawley Clay, spoke in detail about solar thermal energy. This had been used at Coed Hills for approximately 15 years, was reliable and efficient at warming water to high temperatures. The temperature might need boosting for some purposes at certain times of the year. At Coed Hills a buffer tank is used in conjunction with the solar energy technology.

Rawley also spoke about wind energy but his experience with a wind tower at Coed Hills had not been successful. However all agreed that: in the right place, with the right size wind tower this was still a viable method of generating energy.

Liz Loch gave a summary of the energy efficiency technology used in her home. Becci explained the installation and running of air source pumps and the difficulties with getting servicing for some elements of these technologies.

Questions arising from the meeting:

  • Could a wind tower be placed on the Downs?
  • Could we work with a known energy company or provider to look further into solar thermal energy?
  • Would people be interested in investing in a 1 to 2 acre solar farm? (There is some concern that large areas in the rural Vale may be turned over to solar farms)
  • Could we engage with Energy Wales to learn more about grants and projects for insulating homes more efficiently and effectively?
  • How is battery technology developing? Rawley gave a brief description of saltwater batteries

There was interest in coalescing around a small-scale project involving the Village Hall, perhaps solar thermal energy, insulation etc?

All present, we’re interested in ways to make ourselves less dependent on oil and traditional methods of generating electricity and wanted to be more keenly aware of our energy usage. Also, to take responsibility, at a micro level, for how we might generate energy for our homes, using green technologies. Some expressed a desire to be more independent of the national grid and large energy companies.


  • Johnny will pursue Energy Wales to see if they can speak to the group. He has made contact but communication has been slow with energy Wales. We need advice on grants that may be available to improve energy efficiency in St Hilary.
  • Johnny to liaise with Terry about a green Guerrillas page on the village website
  • Caroline to provide minutes.
  • Rawley will help to provide details on solar energy, including suppliers and small companies that Coed engage with.
  • Further information on potential home renewable energy technologies to follow.

Time and date of next meeting: TBD