February 2021
Virtual meeting (Because of Coronavirus lock down): Caroline, Charlie, Helen, Liz, Terry, Tim

1 Accounts (Tim)
- Tim prepared the 2020 accounts which were sent out and approved by email

2 Telephone Box (Caroline)
- Caroline has written a report about activity in the telephone box in 2020
3 Newsletter (Liz)
- 5 editions of St Hilary News were produced in 2020 (February, March, May, August and October) with welcome financial support from GVS and our printers/ sponsors. All editions are on the People‚Äôs Collection Wales website (search for "St Hilary News" and are also held at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth.  Current funding exists for another 5 editions and we will look to continue with this project in 2021.

4 Events
- No Forum events planned
- All events on hold until the end of lockdown

5 Any other business
- None

6 Date of next meeting (virtual or physical):