14 June 2021
By email: Caroline, Charlie, Clare, Helen, James, Liz, Sue, Terry, Tim
1 Telephone Box
- Caroline has prepared a report of activity in 2020/21 https://www.sthilary.org.uk/home/telephonebox2021 
2 BBC donation update
- Picnic table: plans in hand
- Bulbs: plans in hand for autumn planting
- Event: two meetings have been held to discuss an event in September
- Playground: shelved
- Water Butt: ready to implement
3 GVS grant
- £1,000 received from GVS from the COVID-19 small grants scheme (not reflected yet in the figures below)
- Marquee: now purchased £670 to date (not reflected yet in the figures below)
4 Newsletter
- A newsletter was produced in the spring with £75 funding from GVS.  There is existing funding for another 5 editions.
5 Events
- No Forum events planned
- Coed event: planned for August, possibly 4th. Details, including a call for help, will be emailed to villagers.

6 Finance
- Current reserves (pre GVS grant and marquee purchase) are:
  Newsletter      184
  Telephone box   121
  Insurance   127
  Defibrillator   191
  BBC donation   1,500
  Total cash   2,123

7 Any other business
- Grant application process to be considered separately
8 Date of next meeting (virtual or physical):
- TBC 
February 2021
Virtual meeting (Because of Coronavirus lock down): Caroline, Charlie, Helen, Liz, Terry, Tim

1 Accounts (Tim)
- Tim prepared the 2020 accounts which were sent out and approved by email

2 Telephone Box (Caroline)
- Caroline has written a report about activity in the telephone box in 2020
3 Newsletter (Liz)
- 5 editions of St Hilary News were produced in 2020 (February, March, May, August and October) with welcome financial support from GVS and our printers/ sponsors. All editions are on the People’s Collection Wales website (search for "St Hilary News" and are also held at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth.  Current funding exists for another 5 editions and we will look to continue with this project in 2021.

4 Events
- No Forum events planned
- All events on hold until the end of lockdown

5 Any other business
- None

6 Date of next meeting (virtual or physical):