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Memories of the village

History of New Beaupre House

New Beaupre House is a two-storey, double pile late Georgian house, with later mid 19th century wings to the southeast and northwest ends. The house was built in the 1820s for Daniel Jones a lawyer and philanthropist of Llantwit Major, who founded the Cardiff Royal Infirmary. It is a Grade II listed building.  BeaupreHospital

The Story of Elgiva and Alan Thomas

Elgiva & Alan Thomas lived in Morawelon, St Hilary

AlanElgivaThomas  Elgiva died on 14 January 2017, aged 97 - mother of Guy and Alicia, grandmother of Sebastian and Llewelyn

Elgiva’s Story

I attended Cowbridge Girls High School in the 1930s. There were boarders as well as day girls, with the boarders sleeping in the ‘upstairs section’ next to the matron’s room. The headmistress had her office and sitting room downstairs.


Thank you from David Ravey (August 2018)

I would like to thank all the villagers who came to Manor Cottage on 2nd August to say goodbye and wish me all the best for the future. It was quite emotional and a great surprise to see so many people. A week has past and I am settling in with my sister, Dorothy, until I can find a place of my own. Thirty-one years in "Lansdowne" and St Hilary will always have a special place in my memories.
Thanks and best wishes to all in St Hilary.
David Ravey

Telephone box update (May 2018)

The telephone box is looking good. A few more hours and it will be a glorious bright red all the way round.
A special thank you to Mark Squires of Roadcraft Safety Products Ltd, Banwell, who generously donated the paint system.
And John Davies of Glamorgan White Lining.



Caroline Williams (c1820-1899)

Caroline Williams (c1821-1899) of St Hilary
Born Caroline Gould, Compton, Dorsetshire

In the 1841 census Caroline Gould appears as a 15-year-old servant in the household of Robert and Ester Tucker at Hindford (Hendford), Yeovil, Somerset. Robert is given as 70 and his wife as 55 with no occupation specified. (Note that adult ages were rounded up to the nearest 5 years in that census - also note that have transcribed their names as Robert and Ester Justin, but this does not tally with any other records). The other servants were Mary Abbott (30) and Mary Goulding (40). All are listed as being born in Somerset except Robert Tucker and Caroline.


The start of the telephone box transformation!

The restoration has begun! There is much more to do though. Caroline will post some dates (weather permitting) so others can come along and get involved in giving some TLC to our telephone kiosk.



1913 Sale of the St Hilary Estate

St Hilary Estate Auction Details
From Messrs Stephenson & Alexander

The document states that the St Hilary Estate of 575 acres, which included farms, residential properties, licensed premises, cottages, small holdings and accommodation land would be offered for sale by auction on Thursday 13 November 1913

General remarks about the village in the sale document

The St Hilary estate is one of the most compact and charming little estates in the County of Glamorgan, is freehold, extending over an area of 575 acres, within a ring fence.

It is situated on high ground, on a sunny southern slope, well wooded with beautiful views extending to the sea, which is plainly visible, and includes well farmed compact attractive holdings and sound homesteads and good tenants, picturesque thatched cottages, the village inn and the old commodious Manor House with ample accommodation, with the Manorial and grazing rights, the whole lying in and surrounding the quaint old world village of St Hilary, with all its quiet picturesque and historical associations, in the centre of the fertile Vale of Glamorgan, enjoying all the beauty of rural surroundings and yet possessing considerable frontage to the main Turnpike road, which in the old coaching days connected Milford with London and which today is still the main road to the west.


The Story of the Bush Inn (15 April 2018)

Whilst exploring the rich social tapestry of St Hilary we have come across quite a bit of information about the Bush Inn.
The current tenants, Liz and Andy, have run the Bush since 2010 . They took over a newly renovated building as it had been destroyed by fire in 2009.  However, through various documents we have found and conversations with villagers we can track back the history of our historic inn to previous owners and tenants (and its locals!).



Daffodils Blooming on No Man’s Land (April 2018)

The daffodils that were planted in Autumn 2017 on No Man’s Land are finally blooming! Many thanks to those who donated and helped plant the bulbs. And, a huge thank you to the Vale Council for mowing around them!


This photograph posted on Facebook generated a number of comments from former residents.


Bill Strong in the “Trouble Spots of the World”

Those attending the annual meeting of St Hilary Forum in January 2018 were treated to a wonderful talk by Bill Strong about his illustrious military career.

After eschewing a lucrative career in finance and resisting the allure of a life as a jazz drummer, Bill embarked on a journey that took him and Angela to Aden (part of modern Yemen), Oman, Saudi Arabia, Northern Ireland and Borneo.
Eventually he was responsible for the mobilisation of 46,000 troops, being 3rd in command of the Headquarters during the 1st Gulf War.
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