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Llanfair Community Council Minutes


The matters relating to St Hilary that were discussed at the last but one Community Council meeting are below.  (Note: the minutes can be up to two months in arrears, as they are put on the website when they have been approved at the following meeting)
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14 November 2019

Item 6.1 - Councillor Hawkins referred to the issue of Heavy Goods Vehicles becoming ‘stuck’ in St Hilary and the letter received from the Vale of Glamorgan Council in response to the one sent by the Community Council. Councillor Hawkins highlighted the item he had prepared for publishing in the St Hilary newsletter and on the Community Council’s website and requested the Members agreement, which was given, to his suggestions. Furthermore, it was suggested that a Village meeting is called for discussion of the item and to inform residents of the ‘Speedwatch’ scheme with the aim of seeking volunteers to be trained and operate the initiative.

Item 16.3 A number of street lights on the junction of the A48 and the turning into St Hilary are not working and need to be reported.

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3 October 2019

Item 6.1: HGV vehicles getting ‘stuck’ in St Hilary. The Clerk had contacted Highways at the Vale of Glamorgan Council asking for a meeting for councillors with Highways Officers to discuss the issue. The request had been refused but the Operational Manager asked for detailed information of occurrences and particularly photographs with dates, times and names of companies. A request was made for the 30mph speed signs to be moved to the outskirts of the village in an attempt to slow down through traffic.

Item 10: BT Kiosk, St Hilary. The Clerk explained that she had made enquiries with regard to the insurance cover applicable to the BT kiosk in St Hilary. The kiosk has insurance cover for public liability. Should the Council wish to have all risks cover, a value for the kiosk would need to be established. Enquiries made had indicated a kiosk currently up for sale at £3,500. Resolved that the kiosk should not be insured for all risks and that public liability insurance would be adequate.

Item 14.1: Planning Application No. 2019/00805/RES. Applicant: Mrs S Mercer. Location: Land at North East, St Hilary. Proposal: Construction of a rural enterprise dwelling along with associated equestrian buildings and landscaping utilising the existing vehicle access to the site. No objection.

5 September 2019

Item 12.3 Members discussed their frustration at the number of HGV vehicles that are still getting 'stuck' in St Hilary Village through the instructions of their sat-navs. It was agreed that the Clerk should approach Highways to request a meeting between Officers and Ward Councillors to discuss the issue and to seek a solution.

4 July 2019

No items relating to St Hilary.

6 June 2019

Item 14.1 Councillor Shaw referred to aircraft flying over St Hilary and requested the previously promised meeting of an Employee of the Airport with the Community Council is sought.

Item 14.2 Reference was made to a ‘street light’ in St Hilary village which is continually on.

Item 14.3 A directional sign in St Hilary is obliterated by the plant growth of a hedge and a request was made for the property owner to be contacted and asked to trim the vegetation.

2 May 2019

No items relating to St Hilary.

4 April 2019

Item: 5.3 It was reported that not all the potholes in St Hilary have been filled.
Item: 5.4 Members noted that the road signs on the entrance to St Hilary have been fixed back into position. [Note: this had been reported directly to VoGBC by a resident of the village].
7 March 2019
Item 13.1: Councillor Hawkins advised that he has posted a notice detailing the weekly refuse collections on the St Hilary notice board.
7 February 2019
No items relating to St Hilary.
10 January 2019
No items relating to St Hilary.
6 December 2018
No items relating to St Hilary.
1 November 2018
Item 3: Community Police Matters. PCSO Roberts advised of one occurrence of a person threatening another, in St Hilary. This is an ongoing investigation.
4 October 2018
Item 5.3: Councillor Shaw was pleased to advise that a double width cut of the verge from the A48 to St Hilary Village had been carried out.

Item 12.3:  Email received from Mrs L Loch, Secretary of St Hilary Village Hall Committee stating the following: “The Secretary of the St Hilary Village Hall Committee has noted that Llanfair Community Council discussed the provision of internet at the Village Hall at their meeting on 7th July and quotes the item from the minutes. Members noted that the Village Hall Committee had not discussed internet provision at their last meeting. However the Members agreed that they would not be in a position to fund the installation of internet but would consider giving funding assistance if an application, accompanied by a copy of the latest accounting information, was received from the Village Hall Committee.

13 September 2018
Item 14.2 Councillor Shaw referred to the previous agreement for a wider cut of the verge from the A48 to St Hilary and reported that this had not been done again this year.
 5 July 2018 

Item 13.1: The Community Council had received a ‘Thank You’ card from Mrs Caroline Neudegg in recognition of the adoption of the BT Kiosk in St Hilary and advising that the telephony equipment had now been removed and the kiosk has been painted. The Village Residents and Village Forum are delighted to have the kiosk as a village facility and thanked the Clerk and the Council for carrying out the legal formalities.

Item 13.4: Members discussed the continuing issue of HGV’s getting ‘stuck’ in St Hilary Village.

 7 June 2018

There were no specific items that related to St Hilary.

10 May 2018

Item 5.2: St Hilary Forum has prepared a report on traffic through the village which has been forwarded to Councillors Hawkins and Llewellyn and the Clerk. It was resolved that the report should be supported by the Community Council and forwarded to the other Members of the Community Council that had not received it. Furthermore Members agreed that there should be more signs directing traffic straight through the village in an effort to prevent the issues currently being experienced.

Item 9: Councillor Llewellyn reported on the Footpath Forum meeting which was held on 12th April 2018. The issue of the horses training on St Hilary Down was discussed. The use of by-laws is a long process and the matter is being investigated by the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Legal Department. It may be that Country Rangers will be utilised to try to catch them in action.

5 April 2018

Item 5.2: Members expressed their concern at the number of vehicles getting ‘stuck’ on the narrow road between the Village Hall and the churchyard in St Hilary, due to drivers following their ‘sat-navs’. This was particularly prevalent recently when the 5 mile lane was closed for some time. A request was made for road signs indicated the through village route. Furthermore the white lines could be repainted. Councillor Cox agreed to follow up recently letters which have been sent to Highways highlighting the issue.

8 March 2018

Item 5.2: Members discussed the continued problem of large ‘HGV’ vehicles getting ‘stuck’ in the narrow adjacent to the Village Hall in St Hilary. A further letter had been received regarding this problem from another St Hilary resident. The Clerk will forward the letter to the Highways Department and onto those councillors who had not received it.

Item 10: BT Telephone Kiosk in St Hilary. The Clerk confirmed that a copy of the signed agreement has been received from BT confirming that the Community Council now has ownership of the BT Kiosk. This item can now be removed from the agenda.

1 February 2018

Item 5.2: Councillor Hawkins reported that the new notice board for St Hilary has arrived and will be hung on the wall of the Village Hall on Saturday.

Item 10: BT Telephone Kiosk in St Hilary. The Clerk advised that the consultation period has now ended. The legal document has been signed and returned to BT with the £1 payment. Mrs Neudegg has been kept fully informed.

Item 14.3: Councillor Hawkins referred to a letter which was sent to this Council by a St Hilary resident and was forwarded to the Vale of Glamorgan Council, to complain at the number of HGV vehicles which are being guided down the extremely narrow roads in St Hilary by their sat-navs. It was agreed that the response from the Vale Council was very unsatisfactory and that the Clerk should write a further letter pointing out the inadequacy of the reply.

11 January 2018

Item 5: It was reported that the road sweeper and gully clearer had visited St Hilary but there are still problems. Councillor Cox explained that due to recent inclement weather, the Council had concentrated on the areas that have been flooded, but the issues in St Hilary will be reported back.

Item 8: St Hilary Notice Board. The new notice board is ready for delivery. Councillor Hawkins has kindly agreed for it to be delivered to his property.

Item 11: Reports of Representatives. Councillor Llewellyn reported that Councillor Simkiss had attended the last meeting of the Footpath Committee Forum and had raised the issue of horses on the St Hilary Common. Mr Gwyn Teague had already spoken to Tim Vaughan and Evan Williams who advised that they do not exercise their horses on the Common. Mr Teague will continue to monitor the situation.

Item 13: To discuss a request regarding the Public Sector Mapping Agreement. The Clerk explained that she had received a request from a resident of St Hilary regarding the 'Public Sector Mapping Agreement'. Local authorities and appropriate agencies can purchase a licence which allows them to use Ordnance Survey Maps for purposes such as producing leaflets detailing local walking routes. The resident wishes to update leaflets which he produced a number of years ago. The Clerk advised that she has e-mailed the Footpaths Officer to ask if the Vale of Glamorgan Council has such a licence and, if so, can it be used for the request made. The Clerk will also contact a member of 'Valeways' with a similar query.

7 December 2017

Item 6: The Members asked if the road sweeper and gully clearer could visit St Hilary to reduce the risk of flooding on the highway in the village. Members also expressed concern that not all the verges have been cut back and that, as a consequence, speed warning signs are not visible to motorists.

Item 11: The Adoption of the BT Telephone Kiosk in St Hilary. The Clerk advised that the 90 day consultation will end later this month.

2 November 2017

5.3 It was reported that the St Hilary Village Hall Trustees have indicated that they will approve the Community Council’s request for the proposed new notice board and a letter of formal agreement will follow in due course.

6. Councillor Llewellyn reported residents’ concerns at the practice of race horses being exercised on the St Hilary Downs. As well as being dangerous to walkers and dog owners, the ground is being ‘churned’ up and damaged.

11 The Adoption of the BT Telephone Kiosk in St Hilary. The Clerk advised that the 90 day consultation is ongoing and will close during December. It was reported that the Trustees of the Village Hall had received a request for a defibrillator to be installed on the wall of the Village Hall. It will be housed inside a box to match the new notice board. The Trustees have given their permission for this proposal.

5 October 2017

8.3 New Notice Board at St Hilary. The Clerk had obtained a quotation from Greenbarnes Ltd to purchase a new notice board to replace the one attached to the outside wall of St Hilary Village Hall and to match the one recently purchased by St Hilary Village Forum. The cost of the notice board would be £1,136.27 (net figure of £946.89 plus VAT of £189.38 which can be reclaimed by the Community Council).

It was resolved that the board should be headed up in both English and Welsh and read as ‘Cyngor Cymuned Llanfair Community Council’. Prior to the order being placed, permission should be obtained for a new notice board to be erected on the outside wall of the Village Hall from the Trustees who are responsible for the building.

8.4 St Hilary Village Forum.  The Clerk circulated a copy of an e-mail which she had received from a member of the St Hilary Village Forum which explained the workings and set-up of the Forum. Members agreed that clearly there is a Village Forum in existence (despite the denial by a member of the public at September’s meeting), but it does not appear to be a properly constituted body.

11 The Adoption of the BT Telephone Kiosk in St Hilary.  The Clerk advised that the form to start the adoption process whilst not lengthy to complete, had given problems as it needed the address of the kiosk exactly as it is stated inside the kiosk. Despite many attempts to fill that section in, eventually the Clerk drove to the kiosk to copy  down the exact wording and noted that St Hilary was spelt incorrectly with two ‘l’s. The adoption is now subject to a 90 day consultation period as the kiosk is a ‘listed’ building.

7 September 2017

To consider the Adoption of the BT Telephone Box in St Hilary.

Proposed by Councillor Llewellyn, seconded by Councillor Teague that the Community Council adopts the BT Telephone Kiosk on the proviso that there is a named liaison contact to represent the Community with regard to its maintenance and any other details.  Resolved as proposed.  The Clerk and Councillors expressed their disappointment at the hostility experienced by them, at both this meeting and particularly at the informal open discussion in August held with the St Hilary Community, at the hand of a small number of the residents.

The Clerk will chase the company requested to provide a quotation for a new notice board for St Hilary.

Letter from Mrs J Davies, resident of St Hilary, expressing concern at the large vehicles negotiating the narrow roads through the village. Mrs Davies is suggesting a ‘Through Traffic’ sign on the ‘triangle’ entering the village from the A48 with a left facing arrow and a similar sign on the entry to the village from the St Athan Road direction. Members discussed the letter and agreed that it should be forwarded to the Highways Department at the Vale of Glamorgan Council and the Vale Councillors for their consideration.

13 July 2017

St Hilary Notice Boards. The Clerk now has the required measurements of the notice boards to obtain accurate quotations to purchase new boards.

Members were advised that the Village Forum is arranging a meeting for 18th September to discuss the adoption of the BT Telephone Box. [Forum note: subsequent to this 13 July council  meeting, the community council called a public meeting in St Hilary on 17 August to canvas views of the villagers about adoption of the phone box - as a result the Forum meeting scheduled for 18 September was postponed]

Enquiries to be made with regard to the provision of community defibrillators.

It was reported that there has been 6 black refuse bags of rubbish dumped in the hedge at the entrance to St Hilary Village. The Clerk will report the item immediately to the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

8 June 2017

Members agreed that the St Hilary notice board is not in good condition and that a new one should be purchased. The ‘Village Forum’ is keen to have a new notice board at their disposal and it was agreed that two matching boards would be the best solution. The Clerk will investigate some companies and prices.

A resident has asked about the possibility of being able to hire the projector. Members agreed that a legal agreement should be drawn up giving full conditions should it be hired out. These should include the payment of a deposit and the hirer liable for any damage to the projector whilst out on loan. Councillor Hawkins indicated that he has a document with similar terms which could be adapted for this use.

Previous to the meeting, the members had met with two members of the St Hilary Village Forum. The Forum has requested that the Community Council adopts the BT Telephone Box in the centre of St Hilary [Forum note: on behalf of the Forum]. The Members discussed this request and agreed that some answers to concerns need to be addressed before the request as agreed to. These concerns include is the box listed, how much interest is there amongst the residents in the village and what would happen if the interest of the residents diminishes? This is at the very early stages as the Village Forum is unsure of what they will use the BT box for yet but will report back to the Council in due course.

[Forum note: the Forum had consulted with villagers prior to the meeting and had provided information about the concerns and the possible uses of the box at the pre-meeting].

11 May 2017

The adoption of the BT Telephone Box in St Hilary. Councillor Hawkins advised that there has been a further ‘St Hilary Village Forum Meeting’ and suggested that a representative is invited to present their proposals with regard to the BT Telephone Box prior to the next meeting.  Councillor Hawkins will contact a member of the forum to make an arrangement.

The use of the Council projector - decision pending.

6 April 2017

The installation of a defibrillator in St Hilary. Apparently it is the intention to ask the Community Council to donate funds towards the purchase. Members did point out that the other villages in Llanfair are also interesting in providing defibrillators so consideration must be given to each village.

A Village Notice Board. The Village Forum had asked the residents of Church Crescent for their views on a freestanding notice board being sited on the Village Green; the residents were not in favour of this proposal. The Village Forum is now considering the notice boards on the Village Hall. Councillor Shaw advised that they are in the ownership of the Community Council. The Village Forum has not approached the Community Council to advice of their intentions or proposals.

Two benches on St Hilary Down. Councillor Shaw advised that one of the benches has been repaired, although it is not known who has carried out the repair. The other bench basically needs a coat of paint.

2 March 2017

Members discussed their concerns regarding 'The Farm' with PC Elson. There have been incidents at the premises but it was stressed that all incidents had occurred within the confines of the premises and had not impacted on St Hilary village. Nevertheless, it was stated that villagers are concerned, particularly as so little is known locally on proceedings at the premises.

The two benches on St Hilary Down. Councillor Shaw advised that she has contacted Coed Hills and is awaiting for a response.

2 February 2017

Councillor Hawkins read out a 'Thank You' card that he had received from Ms H Drew, of the local NSPCC committee thanking the Community Council for its donation to the 'Christmas Carol Sing Event' which took place in St Hilary in December.

Councillor Hawkins reported that 5 black and white posts have been installed on the edge of the road between the A48 and St Hilary road, presumably to prevent motorists encroaching onto the verge.

Members discussed the 'state' of the two benches on St Hilary Down and what may be done to 'repair' or replace them. Councillor Shaw offered to make enquiries at Coed Hills to ask if they may be prepared to renovate the benches on behalf of the Community Council.

5 January 2017

Members discussed the two benches on St Hilary Down. The wooden/resin bench (in memory of Mr Jack Solomon) is on the part of the Common under the responsibility of the Vale of Glamorgan Council. The Clerk will take a look at both benches before the next meeting.

The adoption of the BT Telephone box in St Hilary. The Clerk advised that enquiries were made with Zurich Insurance and should anyone be injured through use of the box they would be fully covered under the public liability section of the insurance. The box itself would need to have a value placed on it for insurance purposes. It is probable that BT would be able to give the replacement cost of the telephone box.

E-mail communication from WEL Medical giving information with regard to an offer of 30% off an iPAD Defibrillator Package and External Cabinet. Members discussed the e-mail and how their villages are discussing obtaining defibrillators for their communities.

1 December 2016 

The Council discussed the state of the benches on the Downs and the possibility of the village adopting the phone box.

The adoption of the BT Telephone Box in St Hilary. Councillor Hawkins advised that there has been a further ‘St Hilary Village Forum Meeting’ and suggested that a representative is invited to present their proposals with regard to the BT Telephone Box prior to the next meeting.  Councillor Hawkins will contact a member of the forum to make an arrangement.

6 October 2016

Councillor Hawkins advised that he had referred the adoption of the St Hilary telephone kiosk back to the St Hilary Village Forum to canvass opinion as its maintenance would require a serious commitment by a dedicated group of volunteers.

7 July 2016

Councillor Hawkins referred to Item 5.2 from June's minutes regarding the adoption of the BT kiosk in St Hilary; an initiative suggested by the Village Forum. The rules state that the kiosk can only be adopted by a town or community council or a registered charity. BT will sell the kiosk for £1 and, following adoption, will remove the telephone equipment. The kiosk can be used for a variety of uses such as a lending library, information point, even an art gallery. However owning the kiosk is quite a responsibility with regard to its continued maintenance. The information will be passed onto the Village Forum for consideration.

2 June 2016

Adoption of the BT Telephone Kiosk. Enquiries have proved that the kiosk is listed and BT has advised that the kiosk can be adopted. Should the Community wish to adopt the kiosk, this has to be done by a local authority and would be subject to a six month consultation. There are other terms and conditions as well. Serious consideration has to be given to the suggestion. Councillor Hawkins will study the terms and conditions and report back to the Community Council.

12 May 2016

Councillor Llewellyn advised that there are three residents who are interested in the ‘Community Speedwatch’ initiative.  The Clerk will advise the Police of this.

Retiring Chairman, Councillor Llewellyn, advised that the deteriorating condition of a very large beech tree in St Hilary has resulted in the necessity to cut it down.  Part of the road will have to be closed for a number of days.

 Councillor Llewellyn referred to the telephone kiosk in St Hilary and advised that the village would like to adopt it and make it into a book exchange library.  It may be ‘listed’ and BT may not be prepared to offer it for adoption.  The Clerk will make enquiries.

The ‘fingers’ on the finger post have fallen from the post in the centre of St Hilary and needs to be reported to the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

3 March 2016

Councillor Hawkins expressed annoyance at the fact that someone has written their name in the wet cement used to repair a wall in St Hilary. This has spoilt an excellent repair. The Clerk will report this to PCSO O'Callaghan.

Members again discussed the issue of horses on St Hilary Common. The Clerk had contacted the Vale of Glamorgan Council for their advice and was advised that "As far as we are concerned at Parks, the riding of a horse is allowed. Care must be taken to take into account other users of the land".

Members agreed this was not satisfactory as the riders are galloping their horses, churning up the land and it is a 'health and safety' risk to residents and dog walkers. The 'Protection of Open Space Order' will be investigated to ascertain if it applies in this case.

 Councillor Llewellyn advised that she had attended a meeting on 2 nd March, at the Council Chamber in Cowbridge Town Hall to discuss the proposed 'Beacon Lighting Ceremony' in celebration of the Queen's 90th Birthday on 21st April.

Planning Application No. 2015/01073/FUL – Refurbishment and extension of barn, including new roof with increased ridge, plus solar panels to rear field, for mixed small-scale horticultural activities at Glebe Farm, St Hilary – Grants permission with 6 conditions.

Planning Application No. 2015/01486/FUL – 2-storey side extension to provide new double garage, cloak room and gym on ground floor and new play room, home office and bathroom on first floor at Tumblers Chase, St Hilary – Grants permission with 2 conditions.