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Llanfair Community Council & PCSO


Llanfair Community Council represents the villages of Llandough, St Hilary and St Mary Church and the Herberts situated in the Vale of Glamorgan. The Community Council meet once a month, usually on the first Thursday in the month, in St Hilary Village Hall. There are eight councillors with three representing the St Hilary ward and five representing the Llanfair ward. There is one paid officer, the Clerk, who carries out the administration for the Community Council.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

The Police Community Support Officer for St Hilary is Sian Roberts (PCSO 55489).

07805 301 644 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Llanfair Community Council Minutes


The matters relating to St Hilary that were discussed at the last but one Community Council meeting are below.  (Note: the minutes are normally up to two months in arrears, as they are only put on the website when they have been approved at the following meeting)
The next meeting is at 7pm on Thursday, 11 January in Llanfair School.
2 November 2017
5.3 It was reported that the St Hilary Village Hall Trustees have indicated that they will approve the Community Council’s request for the proposed new notice board and a letter of formal agreement will follow in due course.
6. Councillor Llewellyn reported residents’ concerns at the practice of race horses being exercised on the St Hilary Downs. As well as being dangerous to walkers and dog owners, the ground is being ‘churned’ up and damaged.
11 The Adoption of the BT Telephone Kiosk in St Hilary. The Clerk advised that the 90 day consultation is ongoing and will close during December. It was reported that the Trustees of the Village Hall had received a request for a defibrillator to be installed on the wall of the Village Hall. It will be housed inside a box to match the new notice board. The Trustees have given their permission for this proposal.
5 October 2017
8.3 New Notice Board at St Hilary. The Clerk had obtained a quotation from Greenbarnes Ltd to purchase a new notice board to replace the one attached to the outside wall of St Hilary Village Hall and to match the one recently purchased by St Hilary Village Forum. The cost of the notice board would be £1,136.27 (net figure of £946.89 plus VAT of £189.38 which can be reclaimed by the Community Council).
It was resolved that the board should be headed up in both English and Welsh and read as ‘Cyngor Cymuned Llanfair Community Council’. Prior to the order being placed, permission should be obtained for a new notice board to be erected on the outside wall of the Village Hall from the Trustees who are responsible for the building.
8.4 St Hilary Village Forum.  The Clerk circulated a copy of an e-mail which she had received from a member of the St Hilary Village Forum which explained the workings and set-up of the Forum. Members agreed that clearly there is a Village Forum in existence (despite the denial by a member of the public at September’s meeting), but it does not appear to be a properly constituted body.
11 The Adoption of the BT Telephone Kiosk in St Hilary.  The Clerk advised that the form to start the adoption process whilst not lengthy to complete, had given problems as it needed the address of the kiosk exactly as it is stated inside the kiosk. Despite many attempts to fill that section in, eventually the Clerk drove to the kiosk to copy  down the exact wording and noted that St Hilary was spelt incorrectly with two ‘l’s. The adoption is now subject to a 90 day consultation period as the kiosk is a ‘listed’ building.
Click here for the full minutes on Community Council website. Click on the link below for the minutes of previous meetings.