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Village Forum Update (16 May 2017)

The inaugural village forum was held on Monday, 25 April 2016 with a follow-up meeting on 19 September.
Click on the read more link below for the results.
The next meeting is scheduled provisionally for Monday, 24 April 2017.
Click here for the aims and purpose of the forum.

Here are the results of the analysis of the post-it-notes and discussions and the feedback from each of the four task and finish groups..

Task and Finish Group
(first named is lead)
Greyed out = closed
Status / response
Ongoing village activity
Charlie, Helen, Liz, Pete, Simon
Planting and maintenance of pump garden / no man's land
OK at present - team will arrange group to tidy up in the autumn
Some unsold shrubs and bedding plants from plant sale were planted and daffodils will be planted in time for Spring.
Bakers for foraging market in October
Done and a survey was carried out at the plant sale by Monica and Caroline
Village grass cutting
Owned by VoGBC, several cuts a year - danger that will be lost if village cut it
Plants for plant sale
Done - plant sale held
Church grass cutting
Volunteer has come forward.  Also, email sent and web posting asking for more volunteers
  Bin screen by Lodge
Council has put in hard standing - not much else can be done
Litter clearance
Done - 28th May &  4 June - a rota will be prepared for this to be done on a regular basis
New choir members
Email sent and information has been put on the web
New events 
Caroline, Ewa, Monica, Gill
Explore combining several ideas put forward at the forum - see below - into a summer event:  a St Hilary Day.  (Actual St. Hilary Day is 13 January).  Would this be new or a revival? Church used to do something like this?  To be considered at the next meeting of the task and finish group.
Food festival, updated village people photo, ballroom dancing, more support for village events, Welsh and Scottish dancing twmparth (sic), swimming/sports children’s summer sports day at Coed Hills, St Hilary Saint’s day
Agricultural event, sheep shearing
Big issues with Health & Safety and RSPCA
Also, last thing that farmers want to do is shear sheep for pleasure!
Calendar Set up a calendar / overview of recurring  & current year’s events to inform decision making for various groups in and connected to the village - in hand.
Contacts list
Update/ create a contacts list for groups using the village hall and/or connected to the village to help: a) ease of communicating (many details are held by Terry and/or on the website) b) effective publicity - in hand.
Foraging event
Survey villagers and interested parties for feedback on inaugural foraging day and new ideas - done at plant sale and now put on the website.
Coach trip
Share ideas for a village outing.  Consider timing as there is a NSPCC trip to Bath in November.
Organised walks
Terry has produced an information sheet on this and there are leaflets on self-guided walks on the website and in the Bush.
Usage of telephone box
The Community Council has confirmed that BT would transfer ownership. A proposal needs to be worked up and submitted.[Transferred from Vale Council Stuff]
Booking village hall
Consider a ‘How to book the village hall info sheet. On notice boards and/or website? Caroline to ask Ewa. See also Council stuff task and finish group,
 Vale Council stuff
Terry, Bruce, Tim
Signs at A48 junction obstruct the view
This is the response from the Vale Council:
With regard to the finger posts signs referred to at the meeting, I have arranged for my maintenance teams to inspect the existing signs and any damage with a view to making repairs wherever this is practicable. I reviewed the lamp post within the visibility splay on the A48 north of St Hilary and would advise that I consider there to be negligible impact on highway safety with motorists able to obtain sufficient visibility to the east from the junction if appropriate and due care is taken to position their vehicles appropriately at the give way line. (Michael Clogg, Highways Manager)
Sleeping policemen
The council will not fund (and the room was split).  But, there is the possibility of villagers being trained in the use of speed guns and then using DVLA to warn the drivers.  However, there was no response to a subsequent email asking for volunteers but apparently names have been submitted to the Community Council.
Clump track
A few stepping stones have been laid. More will be put down.
Clearer and fewer road signs in village
Need to clarify exactly what the problem is
Through traffic signs
Will be raised at the Community Council
Village map
Link with phone box - pending
Village notice board
Raise with hall committee
Co-operative working 
Andrew, Alex, Ewart, Beth
Oil/log purchasing consortia  A log consortium will be developed first.  If succesful, then an oil consortium will be considered.
Tree planting strategy
There is an emerging plan to plant 90 trees to mark the Queen's 90th birthday, but identifying suitable land is difficult.
Babysitting circle
No demand
Dog sitting and walking
Dog poo bins
Council would fit but villagers must manage it - no volunteers came forward
Cat minders
 No demand

Other matters that will be considered:

  •  Updated list of villagers
  •  IT workshop
  •  Village logo

Andrew Pitman, Convenor This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it