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Llanfair Community Council Minutes


The matters relating to St Hilary that were discussed at the last Community Council meeting (the last three meetings as the minutes were put on the web site in April) are as follows:

2 March 2017
Members discussed their concerns regarding 'The Farm' with PC Elson. There have been incidents at the premises but it was stressed that all incidents had occurred within the confines of the premises and had not impacted on St Hilary village. Nevertheless, it was stated that villagers are concerned, particularly as so little is known locally on proceedings at the premises.

The two benches on St Hilary Down. Councillor Shaw advised that she has contacted Coed Hills and is awaiting for a response.

2 February 2017
Councillor Hawkins read out a 'Thank You' card that he had received from Ms H Drew, of the local NSPCC committee thanking the Community Council for its donation to the 'Christmas Carol Sing Event' which took place in St Hilary in December.

Councillor Hawkins reported that 5 black and white posts have been installed on the edge of the road between the A48 and St Hilary road, presumably to prevent motorists encroaching onto the verge.

Members discussed the 'state' of the two benches on St Hilary Down and what may be done to 'repair' or replace them. Councillor Shaw offered to make enquiries at Coed Hills to ask if they may be prepared to renovate the benches on behalf of the Community Council.

5 January 2017
Members discussed the two benches on St Hilary Down. The wooden/resin bench (in memory of Mr Jack Solomon) is on the part of the Common under the responsibility of the Vale of Glamorgan Council. The Clerk will take a look at both benches before the next meeting.

The adoption of the BT Telephone box in St Hilary. The Clerk advised that enquiries were made with Zurich Insurance and should anyone be injured through use of the box they would be fully covered under the public liability section of the insurance. The box itself would need to have a value placed on it for insurance purposes. It is probable that BT would be able to give the replacement cost of the telephone box.

E-mail communication from WEL Medical giving information with regard to an offer of 30% off an iPAD Defibrillator Package and External Cabinet. Members discussed the e-mail and how their villages are discussing obtaining defibrillators for their communities.

Click here for the full minutes on Community Council website. Click on the "Read more" link below for the minutes of previous meetings.

1 December 2016 

The Council discussed the state of the benches on the Downs and the possibility of the village adopting the phone box.