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Llanfair Community Council & PCSO


Llanfair Community Council represents the villages of Llandough, St Hilary and St Mary Church and the Herberts situated in the Vale of Glamorgan. The Community Council meet once a month, usually on the first Thursday in the month, in St Hilary Village Hall. There are eight councillors with three representing the St Hilary ward and five representing the Llanfair ward. There is one paid officer, the Clerk, who carries out the administration for the Community Council.

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

The Police Community Support Officer for St Hilary is Sian Roberts (PCSO 55489).

07805 301 644 / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Llanfair Community Council Minutes


The matters relating to St Hilary that were discussed at the last but one Community Council meeting are below. 
(Note: the minutes are normally a month in arrears, as they are only put on the website when they have been approved at the following meeting)

8 June 2017

Members agreed that the St Hilary notice board is not in good condition and that a new one should be purchased. The ‘Village Forum’ is keen to have a new notice board at their disposal and it was agreed that two matching boards would be the best solution. The Clerk will investigate some companies and prices.

A resident has asked about the possibility of being able to hire the projector. Members agreed that a legal agreement should be drawn up giving full conditions should it be hired out. These should include the payment of a deposit and the hirer liable for any damage to the projector whilst out on loan. Councillor Hawkins indicated that he has a document with similar terms which could be adapted for this use.

Previous to the meeting, the members had met with two members of the St Hilary Village Forum. The Forum has requested that the Community Council adopts the BT Telephone Box in the centre of St Hilary [Forum note: on behalf of the Forum]. The Members discussed this request and agreed that some answers to concerns need to be addressed before the request as agreed to. These concerns include is the box listed, how much interest is there amongst the residents in the village and what would happen if the interest of the residents diminishes? This is at the very early stages as the Village Forum is unsure of what they will use the BT box for yet but will report back to the Council in due course.
[Forum note: the Forum had consulted with villagers prior to the meeting and had provided information about the concerns and the possible uses of the box at the pre-meeting].

Click here for the full minutes on Community Council website. Click on the "Read more" link below for the minutes of previous meetings.