Our grandparents were Evan and Florence Frederick who used to live in Rose Cottage behind the Bush. Our father , Stanley used to keep his motorcycle in the Bush garage which was on the left hand side - now the snug when he was courting my mother, Elvira (known as Vera). I have photos of my grandparents and me as a baby outside Rose Cottage which I loved. I remember my grandparents moving to 1 Church Crescent, with all the villagers helping them move their belongings, must have been in 1954/55. My father and his brother John were bell ringers in the Church, and apparently there is a photo of them with Kenny Vaughan in the church tower. Our grandfather, Evan (also known as Ianto) was a gardener in the"big houses" in the village such as Erw Fain, the Manor, Mrs Shaw's , and Kninkin which I adored. His garden was spectacular and people used to come from miles around to see it. He also bred Norwich or Norfolk terriers. My brother, Neil and our Dad used to live with my grandparents, Evan and Florence, do longish periods when our mother was frequently in hospital , having ear operations, and we see it as our second home.