My mother and father, Ken and Edith Vaughan and I moved into 3 Hall Cottages in St Hilary in 1950. I was 2 years old. We moved from the Hunt Stables in Llandough, St Mary Church.

Cyril and Sylvia Griffiths, my aunt and uncle, lived in 1 Hall Cottage with their children Brian, Malcolm and Joan. Mr & Mrs Mike Power lived in number 1 next to the village hall. They were Mrs Anne Jenkins parents. Mr & Mrs Ted Foreman lived in the Bothy behind us with Barbara and Terence. Their other daughter Pat and her husband Mervyn lived in the cottage next door, which is now known as Lansdowne.

Mr Eddles and his son Billy lived in Manor Cottage. They were Mrs Florrie Foreman's father and brother. Next door to Mr Eddles lived Mr & Mrs Hollier (Joan Davies' aunt and uncle). They had daughter's Pam and Audrey.

Then, there was the post office, which is now Abbotswood. Miss Morgan and Miss Davies lived in West House Farm and looked after the farm, but in later years Tom and Betty Davies with their son Vivian looked over the farm. Mr & Mrs Bill Cross lived opposite with their daughter's Kathleen, Mary and Nancy.

Miss Ackland Allen and Miss Humphries lived in the Manor House. A big party was held at the Manor to celebrate the Queen's Coronation.

Mr & Mrs Eddie Jenkins lived in Myrtle Cottage with their son David and daughter's Noreen and Jenny.

Les and Betty Jones and their son Howard lived in the Lodge. Mr & Mrs Charlie Pope lived in the house opposite with their children Edwina, Blodwyn and Edward.

Mr & Mrs J.C Clay lived in the Cottage with their sons Michael, Glynne and Bill.

Mr & Mrs Arthur Thomas lived in Village Farm with their children Ralph, Howard and Gillian. I spent many happy hours at the farm and have such fond memories. Mr & Mrs Tudor Llewellyn lived at the Glebe with their daughter's Mary, Margaret and Ruth. Miss Teal lived in Wendy Cottage.

Then there was the Bush Inn, which was run by Mr & Mrs Gwyn Evans. They had three daughter's Gillian, Shirley and Lynda. In their day the Bush was always packed to the doors on a Saturday night. The village children would sit outside and their parents would buy them crisps and a bottle of 'pop'.

Behind the Bush was a thatched cottage (now the pub car park). Mr & Mrs Evan Frederick lived there with sons John, Albert and Stanley. Opposite the Bush was Church Cottage where Mr & Mrs Jo Pope lived with their children Joe, Albert, Eileen, Len and Clive. Mr & Mrs Pope always held a party for the village children at Christmas, with Father Christmas there as well. Such lovely times. We also had a party every Christmas in the village hall.

My father, Ken Vaughan joined the St Hilary church bell ringing team on arriving in the village and eventually took over the running of the team when Mr Lassiter retired. He continued for about 20 years. A that time they rang the bells every Sunday.


Our vicar was Mr Crockatt. He lived where Mr & Mrs Colin Shaw now live. He had a daughter Muriel; she was a lovely lady. They had an orchard just below the vicarage where the children would 'scrump' the apples. The vicar would often catch us and in church the following Sunday he would point at us when saying the commandment 'thou shalt not steal' which terrified us.

We lived in Little Hall Cottage until 1954, then moved over to 5 Church Crescent when the old cottages were condemned. Mr & Mrs Power and Mr & Mrs Foreman moved as well. Mr & Mrs Jenkins were at number 3, Mr & Mrs Griffiths at number 2 and Mr & Mrs Frederick at number 1. Numbers 7 & 8 Church cottage were not built until later.

In the early 60s we had a youth club in the village hall run by Mrs Anne Jenkins. We would dance tour records and every so often we would have a village dance. Tom Jenkins played the piano, Terry foreman was on the drums and Les Jones on the fiddle. Viv Davies would sing 'Diana'. Oh, for the good old days.

My dad liked his evenings at the Bush where most villagers knew him as 'Ken the Box'. On a Saturday night my mother would join him. She had a good soprano voice and was often asked to get up and sing.

Caroline Arnold, Lanzarote, October 2014