Today Caroline Neudegg and I took a stroll around the village to drop off leaflets about the festive coffee morning on Tuesday 6 December and at the same time we sought villagers views about adopting the village telephone box for community use.
It is surprising how the village always looks so quiet yet beneath the tranquillity it is buzzing with activity and at one point we wondered whether there was a secret code heralding our arrival as doors opened well before we reached the bell! 
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On the Crescent Mary Lewis was leading the way with fairy lights on the bushes outside her door – early you might think but they are there to celebrate her forthcoming birthday. Next door Joan was at the window eyeing up the tree felling just across the way in the parking area at the side of the Bush and the two Marys were busy getting ready for a trip to Cardiff to see the Full Monty!!  And when we called on Ewa she was busy opening birthday presents before getting ready for a birthday lunch and a trip to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Views on adopting the telephone box were positive and as well as suggestions on how it could be used (e.g. one to one Welsh lessons – very cosy!) there were also stories about the box which, following Caroline’s research suggest it is a 1935 model. Were you aware that there are around 5 different models of telephone box??? Apparently when Beryl Price was postmistress she cleaned the box on a weekly basis and at that time the box was outside Little Hall Cottage. And, we heard that way back then the box was used by couples for courting! Perhaps we need a village story compiling about the telephone box and its uses in the past – as well as being used to make phone calls that is.
Talking BT and telephone boxes one of the over-riding issues on our travels today was the current lack of working telephone lines and access to the internet which is probably due to damage from last week’s storms.  Our land line is currently down and not likely to be repaired until next week because of all the problems but we do seem to have finally got our fast broadband working again but we came across some very frustrated neighbours.
It was lovely to catch up with the locals and we hope those who were off gadding had a wonderful day of entertainment.
If you would like to give your support to adopting the telephone box contact Caroline This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – the results of the village survey have to go to the forthcoming Community Council meeting. Or, have a chat with Caroline over a glass of wine at the Village AGM which is on Sunday 27 November at 12noon
Best wishes
Monica Dennis