Here are some photographs from a BBQ on No Man's Land in 1989
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Tom Steadman on bike (striped shorts) formerly Church Cottage / Gareth Wilson – dark hair, blue patterned T shirt – formerly The Granary
Margaret Mc Donagh (formerly Manor Cottage), Beryl Price– front of picture with Martha Steadman – formerly Church Cottage
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Peter Milner (formerly West House) and Isobelle Lowe (The Grange) serving village children
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Jenny Lord – middle (formerly Gardd y Gegin) and Peter Lowe (The Grange)
Jenny hales (formerly White Lodge) Peter Lowe and Peter Milner
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Steph Ramsden in red tee shirt – formerly New House
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  Ginny Mitten (turquoise) formerly Bluebell Wood and Frank Edwards daughter (formerly first house right behind Bush