St Hilary Scrapbook copy  Members of Cowbridge Stitch & Bitch (S&B) have been great supporters of the village hall in past years when they have run various fundraising events there. This page gives an account of some of them and others. 
7 December 2008
On 7 December 2008 there was an afternoon tea with mulled wine. This was one of two events held that year. Diana Bithell provided a craft stall.
cakes sept 2008  hall viewdec 2008  Rosemary Morgan and Jeannie Griffith sept 2008  villagers dec 2008 
Diana Bithell dec 2008 Monica Cropped ousdie hall 14 Sept 2008 Rankinesdec 2008
6 December 2009
On 6 December 2009 another afternoon tea with crafts was held and local resident  Megan Morris entertained visitors by playing the harp.
Atea dec 2009  P1030994   
21 March 2010
On 21 March 2010 Cowbridge S&B also held an Easter event held in the village hall serving tea and cakes and selling a variety of Easter crafts.
Caroline and cakesMarch 2010  Egg tree March 2010  Hilary and Deedie 
Supporting St Gerard’s School in Lesotho

In 2010 and 2013 afternoon teas were held in the village hall to support St Gerard’s School in Lesotho. The link with the school came through the Cardiff school where Caroline Neudegg was working at the time.

September 2010 Afternoon Tea
On Sunday 6 May 2010 teachers from St Gerrards Primary School who were visiting at the time, were entertained at an afternoon tea in the hall. Supporting the event were local villagers, Cowbridge friends, teachers and parents from Lakeside school in Cardiff, and of course all the Stitch and Bitch members, and some of their husbands and family. The teachers visiting from Lesotho were overwhelmed when they received £750.00 which was raised on the day. The money was used to buy books and desks for the school.
Group A Tea  Teachers 
L-R Monica Dennis, Clare Pullon, Caroline Neudegg, Jackie Roberts,
Marilyn White (Caroline's mum) Mapalesa from Lesotho and Hilary Carney

Staff from Lakeside School, Cardiff 
Lorraine and Sue Evans  Coed Hill  
Far left – Lorraine Ravey (Lansdowne), right – Sue and Bill Evans (The Granary)
Coed Hills Group 

choir Serving tea
School choir – St Gerards Serving tea
September 2013 Afternoon Tea
The sun was shining and everything was set to make our afternoon tea, to raise funds for St Gerard's school in Lesotho, South Africa, memorable – and so it was!
The day started bright and early with a bake off in Caroline's kitchen. Whilst Caroline was busy washing up her mum was engrossed in making scones.
Of course it is always important to quality control the produce so Monica was on hand to have a taste – and the verdict was .....YUMMY!
image002  image004  image006 
The treat was well deserved as Monica had been foraging round village gardens for flowers to decorate the hall. Many thanks to those who contributed. They were so nice that at the end of the afternoon someone bought them!
It didn't take long to get the hall prepared. The table of cakes and other goodies for sale was, as you can see here – AMAZING!
And once we were all set to go, we tested the tea and coffee to make sure that our guests would be happy
image008  image009   
As well as enjoying afternoon tea we tempted people with our home made crafts, many of which sold quickly.
The shoe bags (all 27 of them) that we had made were displayed and ready for visitors to pay £5.00 sponsorship – plus we had a great range of children's books for sale.
The verdict on the day was that it was a great success – a staggering £565 was raised which helped to provide not only shoes for the children but also other items of clothes – as Caroline, our ever so resourceful friend, had sourced a container which will be filled with all sorts of goodies and shipped to the school later in the year! The shoe bags that we had made were part of this shipment
image011  image013  image015 
Janet Morton 2008       
6 December 2016
On 6 December 2016 a  coffee morning and craft sale was held to raise money for Transform Project India that works with children who have little or no access to education. As well as enjoying coffee and a chat with friends and neighbours visitors also snapped up the many handmade crafts that were for sale. £700 was raised from the event which went directly to the project as Monica’s daughter was working with it in India at the time.
gilly and jan  group  mary thomas  MD Corrie and Caroline

The Cowbridge Stitch 'n Bitch girls never fail to amaze with their time and generosity. We would also like to thank friends, neighbours and colleagues who supported the event by joining us for afternoon tea and those who were unable to join us but sponsored a shoe bag. We are also very grateful to the Bush inn, St Hilary for providing a raffle prize and to Sorrento furnishings, Cowbridge who loaned tablecloths and crockery. A great big thank you to all for their generosity and support.