It has been a very positive year for St. Hilary Church. The fabric of the church is in good order and plans are in place for on-going maintenance during the year. Two new collection plates were made for us by Richard Haines, Holy Cross Organist, which we are exceptionally pleased with. Our grateful thanks to Richard for his kindness and excellent work. 

The Building Fund is now in place to begin the restoration of the west window and vestry, and to bring water into the church. 

Fund raising was not only successful but also very enjoyable; Harvest Supper, Church Luncheon and the Pilgrimage Talk. 

Two “All Parish” services were held in St. Hilary in the past year; both were well attended, and it was very heartening to see our church full. Many thanks to Sandra Williams our Organist, Chris Mowatt, and the choir for their hard work.  

The flower decorations in church were greatly admired; thank you very much to our very talented ladies for their hard work and beautiful displays. Coffee and tea served after our services proves to be more and more popular – thank you to the ladies for their hard work every Sunday.  

Our church is always kept immaculate, clean inside and out, and it is good to know that many people in the village put in hard work to keep it looking cared for.  

Again St. Hilary proved a popular place for weddings, and there were many comments about the beautiful building and its friendly atmosphere. 

A large ash tree was removed from the wall between the church and Church Cottage; the roots were damaging the cottage foundations and the west wall of the churchyard, also its branches damaging the cottage roof, The east wall of the churchyard has been repaired with a much improved appearance, and it is hoped to bring the other walls up to this standard in the near future. 

Let us all now move forward in 2008 to continue our work.