The daffodils that were planted in Autumn 2017 on No Man’s Land are finally blooming! Many thanks to those who donated and helped plant the bulbs. And, a huge thank you to the Vale Council for mowing around them!


This photograph posted on Facebook generated a number of comments from former residents.

Caroline Arnold: Looks beautiful

Lucie Morris: Is that where the old tree used to be many years ago – at least 50 – when I lived in the village

Caroline Arnold: Hi Lucie. I remember you. I lived in number 5 Church Crescent. You lived in Beaupre. I went to school with your brother John. I remember the boxer dog puppies, and remember your family very well. Hope you are all good. I was then Caroline Vaughan

Christine Frederick: Hi Caroline. Do you remember us all playing around “the round tree” whenever we stayed at our grandparents – Evan and Florence Frederick – who lived at number 1? Grandad planted the willow after the round tree was pulled down. I moved from Bonvilston to Aylsham – a gorgeous country market town in north Norfolk about 4 ½ years ago to be near my brother Neil and his family after my mum passed away. Hope you are keeping well? Those were the days!

Neil Frederick: that’s the round tree. The people in the thatched cottage overlooking the green complained that the falling leaves were harming their roof. The tree was cut down and my grandad Evan Frederick planted a willow to replace it. I am guessing that was maybe 50 odd years ago

Monica Dennis: there is a beautiful willow outside the back of the village hall, near Little Hall Cottage (thatched) which is opposite the Crescent. There is a little stone wall around it which is often used as seating when there are events in the hall and village photos are often taken around the willow. It is great that it is surviving as there have been quite a few of the very old trees taken down recently as they have been failing

Lucie Morris: When I lived in village 50 years ago all the kids used to sit under the tree