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The mystery of Wendy Cottage - solved!

In Caroline’s story she mentions Wendy Cottage and, initially, we were at a loss which house she is referring to.

However, the mystery has been solved. At the tea and cakes afternoon on 4 November 2014, Bill Strong informed us that his house (Ochiltree) used to be called Wendy Cottage and he shared a letter with us that had been sent to the Western Mail.  Click on read more below for the letter.

The letter is dated 26 September but there is no year given. It reads as follows:

Dear Sir

Your prospective purchasers will no doubt like to know the history of Wendy Cottage as I know it.

My parents bought the derelict little place for their retirement. My father wanted to do the renovation himself.

He was able to get stones from demolished old buildings and a beautiful over mantle which he incorporated into the inglenook.

The cottage was half its present size, but he was able to enlarge the lounge into a window at the front with a balcony over.

They thought Wendy Cottage was home for them so they brought the name of their house in Ogmore by Sea with them when they moved. That house was indeed built for a family who came from Ochiltree in Scotland.

The very shallow roof had been thatched until 1927 when the then owners had a grant to replace it.  In my parents time the house was about half the frontage. It was most interesting to see your picture of the dear old place and I would wish any new owner to enjoy it as my family did.

I hope this isn’t too boring

Diane Cawson, Halstead, Essex