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Community policing meeting (15 December 2009)


The next meeting with Hilary O'Callaghan, Community Police Support Officer, to discuss policing matters in the village will be held at 11am, Tuesday, 15 December in the Village Hall.  Hilary's contact number is 07805 301416 or you can email her.

Click on the link below for the minutes of the 13 October meeting.

Coffee and Chat Minutes

St. Hilary Village Hall

Tuesday 13th October 11am

Along with PCSO Hilary O’Callaghan , Stacey Evans of  VOG Safer Vale also attended.

Can we say a big thank you to the Village Hall Committee for allowing us to use the hall following the demise of the Bush Inn, and also a big thank you to Lorraine for the delicious cookies that she provided.

Issues from the last meeting

  1. Foliage either side of the lane which is the rear access to the houses in Church Crescent, needs to be cut back as it is blocking the view for drivers pulling out. This has not been attended to, Stacey Evans to speak to Highways again.
  2. The white lines need to be made clearer for the junctions off the main road through the village, as this will stop larger vehicles entering the narrow village lanes. This has yet to be dealt with.
  3. Another resident on the Llantrithyd side of the village concerned about the flooding on that road, she is willing to improve the drainage on her property, but does not want to be in trouble with the council should she do this and it not be her property. She wants to verify her boundaries. Stacey Evans to speak to VOG about the drainage, as yet nothing to report.
  4. It was asked whether we provide shed alarms, Chief Inspector Leanne James answered that we normally give these out after a shed burglary, but sees the need to give them as a preventative measure. PCSO O’Callaghan to carry out Home Security checks, and install shed alarms. Names of people wishing these to be taken.
  5. The wooden signs showing where the public footpaths, are being removed and thrown in to the wooded area, they have been put back on a number of occasions only to be removed again.
  6. The transformer on the green next to Church Crescent is being used as a climbing frame when children are visiting the area on history lessons. The community feel this is a health and safety issue, and it should be fenced off, Western Power to be made aware of this. Western Power spoken to by PCSO O’Callaghan, they will not be putting a fence around the transformer as this is very unsightly and do not this the villagers would like this, so have they suggested that they put anti-climb paint on the top, with a sign informing the public about this measure.

Issues raised at this meeting.

Nothing new raised at this meeting, however names have been taken for people wanting Home Security checks and shed alarms, these will be done as soon as possible.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 15th December 11am at the Village Hall.