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St Hilary Forum meeting: (27 January 2019)

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We are holding the annual St Hilary Village Forum from 2.30pm to 4pm on Sunday, 27 January.
The meeting will include:
- finding out what you'd like to happen or to be addressed in 2019
- update of activities
The guest speaker is Paul Whatmough, a Ranger from the Glamorgan Heritage Centre at Southerndown/Dunraven.
He has outstanding knowledge of wildlife and conservation and trees and will give a presentation and answer questions 

about how to support wildlife and conservation and trees in the village.

He will also be delighted to explain to the children of the village how they can attract more birds/wild animals to their gardens, etc.

Finally, Paul will provide advice on how best to manage the undergrowth and perimeter of The Clump, which the 3C group will be focussing on in 2019.
Click here for more details of the Forum.