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Telephone / Broadband update

Jackie Griffin, Secretary to the Community Council, has been very helpful in exploring the issues relating to the poor telephone lines and slow broadband access in the Village.

A contact of hers has checked the speed of the line in the village.  Click the read more link below to find out more.  If anyone uses TalkTalk could they let us know what they think of the service.

This is the full response

The BT maximum speed is 0.5Mb. Which is very slow.

A possible way of getting faster line speeds is by looking at alternative suppliers like TalkTalk.TalkTalk have "unbundled" a lot of exchanges;  "Unbundling" allows non-BT suppliers to put equipment into BT exchanges. This often allows them to provide faster links and lower prices. 

TalkTalk have unbundled Cowbridge and both Orange & TalkTalk have unbundeled Llantwit only. As far as I am aware only TalkTalk have unbundled in Cowbridge so ask the St Hilary people if they know of anyone with TalkTalk as an internet provider and see what their service is like and how fast it is.

The only ray of sunshine is that in March 2010 both Llantwit and Cowbridge are due to have their exchanges upgraded, so towards the middle of next year they may be able to get faster speeds.


Response 1 (GM)
We have been with Talktalk since January 2009. We are reasonably happy although the test showed only 760Kbps download this morning. Certainly better than Virgin who we were with previously.  We are 3018 metres from the exchange in Cowbridge and can expect up to 2Mbps with Talktalk on the package we have.


Response 2 (CM)
Sorry to be a pessimist, but I have been with Talk Talk for about 2 years and the very best I get is 0.54. It is generally less than this. However I do realise that I am near enough to being the end of the line and that some people who are nearer the exchange might do slightly better.

Response 3 (TD)
Our download speed is 770 kbps, which is OK for most purposes except streaming video.  At our office in Cowbridge we achieve 4 mbps, which is fine.  We have a BT landline (and the quality of speech is poor) and our ISP is Eclipse - a business provider.

Response 4 (CM)
I had a sales call from BT today trying to sell me a call package, and the salesman promised  that if I signed up to it my speed would become 2.5 Mb, achieved by the use of a 'booster' . This, he alleged, would be free with BT (in contrast to £4 a month with TalkTalk - he said !). Quite honestly I have never heard of such a thing from either BT or TalkTalk before and I regard it with considerable scepticism.