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Some TLC for the village

It was the inaugural meeting of the St Hilary Cut, Clear and Clean Group (the 3Cs) today. We had a wonderful morning clearing the tomb in the churchyard, cutting back the plant growth on a few road signs so we could clean them and doing a bit of litter picking up the lane to the A48 (building on the marvellous ongoing work of the ladies who walk). We also cleared the grit bin. The photos show before, during and after the clearance. And a special mention for the 2 little helpers who have helped to create (yes, create – not clear) a path from the iron bench to the Downs which now means that the view from the bench is wonderful.
The next outing is at 10am on Wednesday, 8 November. Everybody is welcome to join us – meet at the tree outside the rear door of the village hall. If you have suggestions for what needs to be done, let me know and we’ll put it on the work schedule.

s01 before - Copy

s03 final - Copy

Before During After

s11 before - Copy

 s12 during - Copy

s13 final - Copy

s21 before - Copy


s23 after - Copy

Our little helpers who created a path

s99 - Copy