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Potholes (10 April 2017)

This is a request for information from a teacher Llanfair Primary School about potholes in the village. On 12 January she hit a pothole just after turning off the A48 which resulted in £400 of damage to her car. She has since tried to claim for the damage from the Vale of Glamorgan Council which has refused her claim. They say no one has reported any problems with the road and that they inspected the road on 20 December as part of their twice yearly inspections and found no problems. Her reporting of the incident has resulted in the posts being placed in the road. As we know those potholes have been there for a very long time. She is asking if anyone has reported concerns about the road to the council, of anyone hitting the potholes or of any photos of the road taken prior to December? Any information would be gratefully received. Please reply to me and I will pass on the information.