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"Get rid of ugly posts" (June 2009)

Residents say that new marker posts on the village green are unsightly and must go.  Some go further and say that they are a safety hazard.
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The row has blown up because the village green has always been prone to damage from vehicles parking on the grass, and from lorries cutting corners or reversing.
Terry Hoggett, a St Hilary resident, told The GEM: “On one side of the road, the green is protected by a series of wooden posts – which are in keeping with the character of the village.
“However, only two weeks ago, on the other side of the road, the Vale Council put up several ugly black and white posts, about three feet high.”
He said: “Everyone agrees that they look dreadful.”
The area is a conservation area.
Another local resident, Di Bithell, went further, saying that the new posts were dangerous. She told The GEM: “They are plastic and can be bent over a long way.
“When released, they spring back with great force.”
She explained that children often picnic under the tree, and that they were bound to play with the posts, with the danger that any child walking by at the wrong moment could be injured.
The new posts do have red reflectors built in, to make them more visible at night.
Mr Hoggett said that he felt sure that no villager would have complained if a reflector had been added to the wooden posts.
Di Bithell said that she felt the problem with lorries had increased due to sat-nav systems sending lorries down the wrong road.
She told The GEM that she had spoken to council officers in both the highways department and the conservation department, and had been told that the new posts were going to be taken down.
However, when The GEM spoke to the council, the response was more guarded.
Andrew Loosemore, operational manager for highway maintenance, said: “The residents requested that we install bollards at this location due to vehicles overriding the verge area.
“We installed our highway-approved bollards that have been installed at many other similar locations within the Vale, and which have proved to be extremely successful at preventing verge damage.
“Following installation, we have now received requests to have them removed. This is currently being investigated.
“If they are removed then fortunately, they are relatively inexpensive and only a small number have been installed.”