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Ivy celebrates 100 years!!! (28 September 2015)

RaeMum100 RaeMum23
A memorable occasion - Ivy Sayce (Rae Kitchen's mother) is 100 on Monday, 28 September  -  if you want to pop in on the day, you'd be made very welcome.
Ivy was born on the 28th September 1915 in the military hospital in Portsmouth. Shortly after her birth her parents moved to Cardiff where she was brought up. She married Raymond and they lived in Cardiff until 1972 when they moved to St. Hilary Post Office, eventually converting the workshops in the garden into a bungalow where she now lives.
Although Ivy has problems with her eyesight and hearing she still enjoys cooking herself tasty meals and pottering around the house. She was still driving when 92 and misses her outings to Cowbridge very much.