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St Hilary Fruit Foraging Festival!! (September 2015)

You can make use of nature’s free gift of food by taking part in the St Hilary Fruit Foraging Festival!
We are all so dependent on agriculture for the majority of our foods that we forget that we have a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables on our doorsteps  that is sometimes too much for our own personal use. However, there is an opportunity to share some of this with our neighbours.
Rather than see fruits and vegetables wasted why not gather the excess produce from your garden or hedgerows to make and sell scrumptious goodies (apple/blackberry crumble, cakes, chutneys etc).
There is also the offer the use of a fruit press so that you can turn your fruit into a healthy juices - or you could make it into cider!   And, whilst you are busy doing all this you could also help raise funds for the village hall.
If you grow fruit and vegetables in your garden and often have surplus to what you can use and would like to share it -  we would like to hear from you to let us know what you can offer and when it can be collected.
If you don’t have anything to offer but would like to be involved in making cakes, desserts, chutneys etc. to sell at a community foraging market near you soon -  please get in touch.
Once we have gauged the level of interest from your response to this email we will be able to work out a time scale to plan the collection of goodies on offer, bake and set a date for a market sale in the village hall.
A daft idea? – maybe. But think of all those people who would love to be in such a fortunate position as us – let’s make this happen!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon
Best wishes
07811 159 800
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