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Views sought on options for the area of land opposite the Bush (June 2011)

As part of the filming for BBC’s Sherlock, Hartswood Films laid chippings, large stones, tubs and benches to the area opposite the Bush Inn.  A common, but not necessarily universal, reaction was that it was a nice feature and a visual improvement.  We understand that the Highways Department of the Vale Council was approached and that their spokesperson indicated that it was OK for the chippings and stones to stay, but made no comment about the benches and tubs.  Since then, some people have told Andy and Liz at the Bush that they are not happy with the area and would like it to revert back to the previous state.
Click on the read more link to find out how to make your views known.
Andy and Liz have also heard that there is some gossiping about the issue.  (As an aside, Liz and Andy are quite happy to hear comments directly).  Some of the (unfounded) rumours are that the area will be used for parties, marquees will be erected and that the land might be claimed by 'someone'.
Andy and Liz confirm that the rumours are untrue and also that they have no preference about what happens to the area, as it is as much a benefit to them to have a nice clean area opposite the pub as it is to have people to be able to park there.
They want to gather people’s views and have asked us to facilitate the process. 
If you want to participate, please reply to this email indicating which of the following options you prefer:
  1. 1.    Keep the area as it is with chippings and benches
  2. 2.    Revert back to the former state
  3. 3.    50/50: keep half the area with benches, the other half reverting back to parking
  4. 4.    Not bothered / don’t care
  5. 5.    Something else – please provide details
In the spirit of AV, please provide a 2nd preference, if you want to.
Any response you make to us will be kept confidential and (unless you indicate otherwise) no names will be passed on.
A flier will also be distributed as not everyone affected has internet access.
We will collate responses and pass on the results to everyone who responds.  We anticipate doing that in two weeks, so the closing date for responses is 11 June.
Best wishes
Terry & Monica
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )