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Afternoon Tea and crafts (19 September 2010)

Afternoon tea and cakes and crafts will be available in the Village Hall from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday 19 September - All proceeds to St Gerrards Primary School, Lesotho.  Just come along or telephone Monica for more details: 775186

St. Gerard's Primary School is in Mafeteng, 3 hours SW of the capital of Lesotho, Maseru. The school caters for some 1200 pupils. Primary education is free in Lesotho however the schools operate on a shoe string budget. This means the classrooms do not have any electricity, heating or running water and a limited number of wooden trestle tables. This means that the rooms are too cold to work in in the winter and because class sizes can reach 60+ there are not enough seats and desk for the children to work comfortably. However it is a happy school and the children are delightfully positive and very keen to learn. The teachers in St. Gerard's are hardworking and caring. The school has an excellent choir and runs some sports teams. 
Lakeside Primary School in Cardiff has been twinned with St Gerard's School for two years and Mpho Mapelesa Mokotjo is the first teacher from the school to visit Wales as part of the twinning friendship we have established. Mapelesa has never travelled outside Lesotho and she is both excited and nervous about her visit to Cardiff and St. Hilary (where she is staying with me for the week). 
We are raising money for St Gerard's School, at the afternoon tea on Sunday 19th September, so that the school can purchase books for their fledgling library and football and netball kit for the school teams. 
Caroline Neudegg, St Hilary resident and Deputy Headteacher at Lakeside Primary School, Cardiff.